Your Lie In April Episode 14

april14a Recap

Kaori is in the hospital again, and Kousei is incredulous of her reasons why. Thinking about his renewed future as a pianist, Kousei decides he will join a musician’s academy. Meanwhile, Tsubaki is challenged about her commitment towards her boyfriend. Learning of Kousei’s decision, she is overcome with emotion.

Well this episode was just plain melodramatic. I find it absolutely ridiculous that Kousei couldn’t get in contact with Kaori after the recital. We saw him learn where her parent’s bakery is two episodes ago. Also after she collapsed last time, I can’t believe Kousei is the only person to question the severity of Kaori’s condition. It’s also incredibly selfish of Kaori to keep them in the dark like this. What does she lose in letting these people she ostensibly cares for know her problems? I feel I may have already asked this, but seriously what does she even have that she just collapses out of nowhere but otherwise looks completely healthy? The only reason I see for it is to heighten the drama when the reveal finally comes and it just makes me further dislike Kaori as a character.

april14cAt least Kousei has seemed to move on after his hijacked recital, finally making some steps towards his new goal. I always forget about how even the transition from middle school to high school is some tested affair, but even for American classical musicians it makes sense to get into a conservatory in high school to focus on one’s skills. This is a natural step for Kousei, and also an easy place of friction between him and his friends as he leaves them behind in pursuit of his renewed passion.

april14dAlas, this news is obviously the last thing Tsubaki wants to hear. I would have been a lot happier with this episode if it could just reign in its overblown emotions. For the most part, I thought how Tsubaki was getting pushed towards her true feelings was well done, if cliche. I also like when an anime shows that these characters are not an island unto themselves, as her friend Kashiwagi is the one making most of the moves to push Tsubaki away from her stubbornness. I understand how Tsubaki would be upset. Even if she still wants to stay blind to the feelings she has for Kousei, she’s still losing a friend. However, to have her run away like some hysterical dame was just silly and overwrought. Maybe I am just presuming too much of teenager’s emotions, but who would even act that way? If I was Kousei, I would have thought Tsubaki had just gone crazy or something instead of her feeling betrayed. Something tells me it’s gonna be pretty hard to get through these last few weeks if this is the caliber of writing I’m going to be dealing with from now on.


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