Your Lie In April Episode 6

april6a Recap

Kousei is driven hard by Kaori to start practicing for a recital. His abilities have noticeably decreased, and his mental struggles still affect his playing. Kaori finally understands the carelessness of her actions, but in her enthusiasm Kousei finds the strength to continue. Meanwhile, Tsubaki is in the midst of Regionals when she starts to get jealous of Kousei and Kaori’s closeness.

april6bOne could say some of the major issues people were having about this show do get addressed here, but that doesn’t stop the first half of the show from feeling really weird to watch. The way everyone picks on Kousei in the beginning is absolutely cruel. While I wouldn’t say anything beforehand was bullying, the scene where they all just gang on him for not playing well was kinda messed up. Adding to that, Kaori stole from him to force him into the competition. I was having serious problems keeping with it, as the idea that he was just being manipulated into playing grew more and more as the episode goes on. Then, finally, we get a breakthrough. Kaori has been such an unstoppable force that it was legitimately shocking to see her finally own up to the unfair pressure she’d been building on Kousei. I’m definitely glad we got to this road, though, as it makes her character much more likeable now that we know she understands Kousei better. Kousei still seems to be lying to himself though, his crush winning out over his fears in order to keep practicing.

april6cAfter a bit of side story buildup, Tsubaki’s jealousy comes to a head very quickly this episode. As we in the Glorio Blog have lamented in the past, it would appear Japan believes a man and a woman cannot be friends without some latent romantic tension. I did find it interesting that Tsubaki first tried to use her senpai as a way to try and forget about her feelings for Kousei. Unfortunately, it seems she spends the whole time talking about him anyway. Nice job, Tsubaki, obviously what boys want you to do when you’re on a date with them is talk about another man. I wonder if she’s still going to try to date him after the revelations of this episode. Considering I’m pretty sure we haven’t even learned that dude’s full name yet, something tells me its not gonna last.

april6dI like how the final scene tried to bring full circle a motif the flashbacks have often harped on. When they were children, Kousei relied on Tsubaki for her strength. Now that they’re older, they can rely on each other. Kousei can still see through her better than anyone else, and wasn’t about to let her go home alone in that kind of state. In reality something tells me a dude his size would not be able to carry a muscular girl for multiple miles, but it was a sweet way to have him show her she hasn’t been forgotten in his life.

3 thoughts on “Your Lie In April Episode 6

  1. His friends are being pretty shitty but that’s what kids do right? I must have gone to the worst school and lived in Bully City USA cause i used to get razzed like that on a near daily basis. I also used to return it in kind. Kids do that shit in school and life. People need to get over it.

    • That way of thinking is what perpetuates that kind of behavior in children. Even if you were right, Arima is a special case. His trauma goes far deeper than any regular adolescent issue, and his friends don’t seem to get it.

      • I think what I am perpetuating is that each viewer has unique experiences that define their reactions. In this specific case, your lie in april, I see normal middle/high school life while others see personal abuse, bullying, lack of compassion, etc.

        You’re spot on that Arima is a special case. But who amongst his friends know this? We are blaming kids for not being mental health specialists. It’s not Arima’s fault, and neither is it his close friends. Even Tsubaki can’t put two and two together though she’s slowly, many many yrs after the mothers death and he stopped the piano, starting to see the effects of her actions effects.

        This show really set people off!

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