A Very GLORIO 2015: Marlin Thinks Love is Over

Last year I was blessed with some great romance shows that made up for just how few had been released, but this year I have to strain to string together more than two or three shows together where romance was the most appealing factor. Still, there were a few really good things to talk about. Snow White remained captivating and adorable all the way to the break, and Yamada-kun’s heartfelt romance almost made up for it’s runaway train of a final stretch. With all that, I’ll try to stick to my niche as much as I can before going off the deep end once the Ero-Kawaii-tier Awards start flying around.

All Your Monies: March 16th 2015

Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Aqua) will run down the last week’s new pre-orders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week, it’s time for the pretty ladies to take over again.

Your Lie In April Episode 21

Kaori survives another scare, but her real fight will culminate in surgery, which happens to be taking place at the same time as Kousei’s performance. Finally giving him the encouragement he needs, Kousei decides to play despite his battered emotional state. He is ready to break down again, but finally has a change of heart.

Your Lie In April Episode 20

Kousei still finds his feelings unrequited, and avoids Kaori as long as Watari is with her. Tsubaki finally summons the urge to reveal her feelings, only to wuss out at the worst time. Finally building up the courage to go see her, Kousei happens upon an unpleasant sight.

Your Lie In April Episode 19

Kousei is shown the power that his words have had in giving hope to Kaori. Tsubaki’s devotion to the dork has also paid off, as her studies have landed her at a school near his conservatory. Finally, the time of preliminary auditions has come, and Takeshi comes out fighting with one of Chopin’s most challenging etudes.

Your Lie In April Episode 18

Kousei continues to be kinda a jerk. His performance with Nagi rekindles the rivalry in Takeshi’s heart, and an open challenge is given to him for the next big piano competition. Nagi’s performance helps her understand her feelings, and Kousei goes to Kaori to finally make some demands of his own.

Your Lie In April Episode 17

After landing a bombshell on him, Kousei is understandably shaken. Badgered by his friends to see her again, he is reminded of his mother. To clear his head, he decides to play with Nagi at her festival.

Your Lie In April Episode 16

Kousei quickly adapts to his new roll as teacher. Kaori’s illness seems to be getting worse and worse, affecting her already capricious personality. Losing the last thing worth living for her, she becomes incredibly distraught.

Your Lie In April Episode 15

Tsubaki is dumped and continues to angst about her feelings for Kousei. Meanwhile, Takeshi’s sister engineers an audition with Kousei’s famous teacher, and Kousei gets saddled with handling her. Back at the hospital, Kaori catches magical leg paralysis disease and it’s super hokey.

Your Lie In April Episode 14

Kaori is in the hospital again, and Kousei is incredulous of her reasons why. Thinking about his renewed future as a pianist, Kousei decides he will join a musician’s academy. Meanwhile, Tsubaki is challenged about her commitment towards her boyfriend. Learning of Kousei’s decision, she is overcome with emotion.

Your Lie In April Episode 13

Kousei goes on to play alone. Meanwhile, his mother gets a bunch of flashbacks that try to make her seem sympathetic. The attempt fails. The show goes on to further cement itself as a bad melodrama as more allusions to Kaori’s death loom in the final minutes.

Your Lie In April Episode 12

Kousei and Kaori are hard at work practicing for the gala, but Kousei is struggling. Still bogged down by memories of his mother, only amplified by playing this particular piece, he still cannot hear the notes. After basically being lied to by Hiroko, Kousei starts to look at playing in a different light. On the day of the recital, Kaori is missing. Despite this, Kousei still intends to play, even if it is alone.

Your Lie In April Episode 11

Kousei runs into his mother’s old friend. Elsewhere, Takeshi has a crisis of conscience as his image of Kousei is shattered by the competition. With his spirits renewed, Kousei resolves to keep playing just as Kaori gets an invitation to a new event.

Your Lie In April Episode 9

Recap We get even more backstory about Emi, as well as a weird techno remix of a perfectly fine Chopin piece. Later, Kousei finally takes the stage, and the battle with his demons begins.

Your Lie In April Episode 8

Before Arima gets his time to shine, Takeshi and Emi take the floor and raise the bar. Both of them channel their rivalry with Arima through their music, and see it bring them success. With these years of emotion building up, will Arima be able to live up to their expectations?

Your Lie In April Episode 7

The day of the big recital finally comes. Kaori gives Kousei some much needed pep-talks before the big day, but he still has his doubts. His trauma manifests into a new form as he remembers an old pet his mother took away. Meanwhile, the two no-names from the end of last episode finally make their presence known as Kousei’s rivals. Will Kousei have the ability to match their expectations?