Your Lie In April Episode 15

april15a Recap

Tsubaki is dumped and continues to angst about her feelings for Kousei. Meanwhile, Takeshi’s sister engineers an audition with Kousei’s famous teacher, and Kousei gets saddled with handling her. Back at the hospital, Kaori catches magical leg paralysis disease and it’s super hokey.

Poor Tsubaki, the more she starts feeling for Kousei the more she seems a wreck to me. Is she acting so dour because she knows his eyes are only on Kaori? She seems fairly perceptive, and she’s already hinted at seeing his intentions. I can imagine realizing you pine for someone only to know for sure that they would never reciprocate that love is harsh, so I’m fine with her be an emotional teenager. It’s a bit unfair that she comes to him for consolation after getting dumped, and then getting upset at him when he acts like a good friend and hears her out. At the end of the day she’s going to have to realize that even if her emotions will never be realized, he still values her as a friend, and that’s nothing to get mad at him about. By the way: this show loses a lot of music cred by having Kousei remark at how pretty the moon is and not at all acknowledging that the sentiment might come from the fact that he’s playing a piece that literally means moonlight. Seriously show, get your act together.

april15bTakeshi’s sister just plopping into this story is really weird. It almost seems like the author wanted to insert a character into the plot but couldn’t think of a sensible way of doing so. What purpose could she possibly serve to the overall plot anyway? I guess Kousei teaching someone else is an interesting idea, but they’ve already established that she doesn’t even seem to care about that. Is she trying to ruin Kousei? What for? I’m also really uncomfortable about the jokes Hiroko makes when Kousei brings her into her home. Is it really appropriate to imply Kousei was trying to rape her, even as a joke? Is “getting a girl to go” really a phrase in Japan, and if so good lord why? It made the whole scene creepy, out of place, and just no fun to watch.

april15cBack to our main duo, there is seriously something messed up in the way Kousei views his relationship with Kaori. I get that no relationship is perfect, but the way he likens Kaori’s behavior towards him like a cat speaks of someone with severe self-esteem issues. He finds beauty in her using him, in needing him, and then forgetting about him once he’s the one wanting her attention? I also had to laugh a little bit at Kousei making weird pithy statements about eating deserts at nighttime for no reason apparently. I think it’s becoming increasingly clear that this show is geared towards teens. No offense to teens everywhere, I was like you once, but it seems this show tries to force emotions in order to exploit the emotional, using poetic wording even if thinking about its implications makes you see a much darker side to the romance’s nature. In this week’s laughably melodramatic development, Kaori magically loses the ability to work her legs. Granted, I am no doctor, but I’m not quite sure of any illness that just suddenly makes you lose ability in your legs when you were walking perfectly fine beforehand. The whole scene is shot so painstakingly to draw out all the drama it can muster that it just becomes plain hokey.

2 thoughts on “Your Lie In April Episode 15

  1. Digging the new homepage design. nice work guys.

    As for the anime: What disease is degenerative that specifically affects the legs and causes a person to faint? odd and frustrating, because like you said her legs weren’t getting worse, they were working fine then all of a sudden stopped working. bullshit.

    As for the new character: Is the manga still ongoing? I don’t see the reasoning behind adding one this late in the game unless the story continues long into the future. /shrug.

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