JoJo: Stardust Crusaders Episode 27



Iro’s thoughts

Episodes like these are part of the reason I love JoJo. At times, the show can just get so incredibly ridiculous that I can’t help but have a blast, and the “battle” (and let’s be honest, calling it a battle is generous indeed) with the Zenyatta Mondatta Oingo Boingo brothers is truly ridiculous. Enemy Stands are becoming more and more esoteric and specialized, and not necessarily with combat applications. Khnum is basically Yellow Temperance without damage-reflecting powers, making it perhaps the worst Stand since Hol Horse’s Emperor (which could at least shoot guys), and Thoth is a manga that tells the future. Your opinion may vary as to whether this is more bizarre than Strength being a tanker or Wheel of Fortune being a car (or indeed, Emperor just being a fucking gun), but overall it makes the brothers just seem hilariously lame and out of their depth, which they are. Dio needs to get some better henchmen.


The plot of the episode plays out just as one might expect. We’re told that Boingo’s predictions are set in stone, and while we know from the start that Oingo is going to be on the receiving end of his own plan, they know it as well. Oingo’s mad, desperate flailings to avoid being blown up are hilarious, and Joseph/Polnareff’s complete failure to recognize anything remotely strange going on just adds a whole other layer of bizarre comedy to the entire sequence. The show’s soundtrack and directing also shine especially bright in this episode, with bombastic tunes and quick cuts perfectly punctuating Oingo’s increasingly frantic internal monologue. The special ED sequence starring the brothers was also a great treat, ending the episode in what I can only describe as a very JoJo way.

Next week begins the Anubis arc, which is a return to a more straightforward battle with the enemy and their Stand, as well as one that gives Polnareff  and Silver Chariot a chance to shine. I’m looking forward to it, but to be honest, I’m mostly looking forward to it so we can get to the fight after it, which is one of my favorites. Alas, three weeks is a while to wait.


One thought on “JoJo: Stardust Crusaders Episode 27

  1. At the start of the episode I was pretty ‘wtf is going o nhere’ but as it progressed the episode just clicked. Polnaref and Joseph’s ignorance and insistence fake jojo do ridiculous things was hillarious. 5 lit cigarettes AND drink liquid. wtf? lol

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