All Your Monies: February 2nd 2015

Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew will run down the last week’s new pre-orders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week we have battleships, heroes and otaku masturbation fodder (even more so than normal).

Battleship Re-Class (Kantai Collection)
Max Factory, August, ¥13,704


Zigg: I really like the face on this one. That manic grin, the scruffy hair and the very cool lightning eyes effect all add to a super memorable look. The tail is great too, what with it’s fusion of ship prow and monster mouth. Unfortunately the rest of the figure is a little sparse and underdesigned, and my near total apathy to KanColle make it difficult to really get into Re-Class here. I’m sure it’ll be a fantastically made, very well put together figure but I’m just not getting the x-factor from it.

Jel: As terrifying as this figure is, it’s also further proof that the KanColle enemy ships have much more interesting designs than the main ones. Not only is the design more creative, they also nailed that perfect crazy threatening expression that let’s you know this is one of the bad girls right off the bat. The blasts of colors with her eyes, nail polish, and sparkly energy are nice touches as well. I don’t think I could sleep with something like this in my house, but it certainly is interesting.

Chris: So are the enemies all blue or are they all reanimated corpses? The answer to this question is important, because water-skating archery girls sure aren’t doing it for me. While the design is better than the other girls I’ve seen from the franchise, it looks far too Black Rock Shooter to me.

Lloyd Irving (Tales of Symphonia)
Alter, June, ¥8,800


Zigg: I’m digging the very clean, bright and straight-ahead design here, and the pose is great –  a classically heroic look without being too over-the top. The entire thing exudes a charmingly retro vibe and while that may mean he’s a little plain compared to the ultra-extravagant figures we sometimes see on here, I’d say he’s all the better for it. Add in Alter quality and a more than reasonable price tag and I think we’re onto a winner here.

Jel: Alter always gets the Tales line right and it’s cool how they’ve been going back to the older games. Lloyd’s design and pose give off a great heroic vibe and the detail work is fantastic, especially that photo-realistic base. The colors are a little less interesting than some of other designs, but nice work overall.

Chris: The pose is quite good, but I’m unfamiliar with the character and he kind of looks a bit bland. Perhaps it’s years of seeing Square Enix anime hair and characters wearing twenty more belts than they actually need, but whatever the case this just isn’t jumping out as an exciting figure. Looks well made though, so I’m sure fans will get a kick out of it.

figma Satsuki Kiryuin (Kill la Kill)
Max Factory, August, ¥6,000


Zigg: As ever, and as with Ryuko before her, Max factory have done an excellent job of rendering Satsuki’s alarmingly skimpy costume with minimal joint interference. I’m especially loving how those massive shoulder-horns came out and the face choices are excellent. I’m way too much of a prude to have something like this on my shelf, and that price is alarmingly high, but at least figmas continue to be quality products.

Jel: If this was her school uniform or really any other version of Satsuki I’d probably buy it, but I just don’t want that much skin on my shelf. I’m also not happy to see these escalated figma prices sticking, even if the dollar to yen rates are currently in our favor. That said, Junketsu makes the transition to figma well and the additional scissor blade is a nice touch. If you have Ryuko, this is a must buy. Otherwise, I’m not so sure.

Chris: Maybe worth it for the faces, but I agree with Jel. If I was going to get any Kill la Kill figmas, it’d be school variants. As much as I enjoyed the show, I don’t think I’d want figures of any of the battle costumes, save for Mako’s bancho gear, of course.

Chara-Form Chrom (Fire Emblem: Awakening)
empty, May, ¥3,800


Zigg: This is a nice tease for the possibility of an actual Nendoroid. As it is, a static figure in the style without swappable faces, accessories or the quality that GSC brings to these things isn’t interesting to me. He’s still pretty cute though.

Jel: I fear the possibility that someday there will be an actual Fire Emblem nendoroid line as it would be tough to resist. Fortunately, today is not that day. I guess I’m not familiar with this line but it looks like he’s not even poseable? The price is OK and the quality looks nice but not really blown away by it either.

Chris: Sorry Chrom, maybe you’ll get your chance next time. Like, as a Nendoroid. Or a figma. In fact, give me a whole bunch of FE:A figmas and let me recreate that box art. This figure just doesn’t look that interesting and the face doesn’t scream Chrom to me. Needs more anger. And dragon girls.

Sinon (Sword Art Online II)
Chara-Ani, May, ¥12,000


Zigg: I trust the awfulness of the figure speaks for itself and instead I’ll simply note that this is the only time I’ve ever seen a company fail to provide images without the massive SAMPLE text printed over them. How stupid is that?

Jel: Does anyone else look at this and think she’s uhhh… pointing? Throw in the giant gun between her legs and it’s tough to interpret any other way. Also, the sculpt sucks. Please don’t buy this.

Chris: Didn’t we already get a figure of Sinon and her mysteriously assless chaps? Is she that popular? What is Sword Art Online? Where am I?


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