Your Lie In April Episode 21

april21a Recap

Kaori survives another scare, but her real fight will culminate in surgery, which happens to be taking place at the same time as Kousei’s performance. Finally giving him the encouragement he needs, Kousei decides to play despite his battered emotional state. He is ready to break down again, but finally has a change of heart.

Well, it wouldn’t be a dramatic romance without random magic happening, I guess. I am super puzzled by how this scene plays out in reality. As far as I can tell, we’re meant to assume that Kaori was actually playing some magic ice violin. Kousei seems to respond to music being played, and Kaori is able to stand up despite being shown to be too weak to even walk through the hospital. By the way, this hospital remains to have the laxest security ever, just letting patients that are fresh out of the ICU wander around and get piggyback rides from non-relatives. It’s just a bizarre scene to have in a show that has grounded itself in realism, if overindulged itself in romanticism. It makes me worried if any other magic shenanigans might happen during the surgery in this show’s finale. I don’t hate all Key-style shows, but I’m usually not a fan of their melodrama, nor the way they usually get conveniently solved via magic. Here’s to hoping April isn’t attempting something similar.

april21bI still don’t understand Kousei’s attraction to Kaori. Once again, he freely admits that the girl has a terrible personality and is incredibly violent. I suppose you could argue the abuse he suffered in childhood created a messed up dependency for abusive people, but after he clearly acknowledges these things as bad, he still seems to try and write her off as deserving of his love. Most insultingly, his strongest reasoning still seems to be her outward beauty. Either through her playing or her appearance, it seems that that is always what has driven his infatuation with her, it’s the one positive he likes to harp on time and time again. He’s young, and I will grant that teenagers aren’t exactly the first people to look for deep personal connections when falling in love, but to give that kind of reasoning is still incredibly immature.

april21dFor once, I am very happy with the way this show is dealing with Kousei’s emotional development. In this final scene, where he’s lost all will, he gains his strength not simply from Kaori, but from everyone. By hearing Tsubaki, he reminds himself of the people who have been there for him the whole time, and the people who have come back into his life. It’s the whole of his experiences that define him, not his puppy love, and to see him finally acknowledge that is a lot more than I expected from this show going into the end. I’m hoping that this is the message they are going through with until the end. Kaori’s fate seems nigh assured, and showing that there is more to life than love would be quite the mature message for a dumb teenager to learn. Of course, he is not forgetting about Karoi, that is clear in the mournful feeling in his playing, but in this way he can grow by honoring all the people that have played a part in his life, not just the tragic figures that have defined it.

2 thoughts on “Your Lie In April Episode 21

  1. fcking hater ” terrible personality and is incredibly violent.” is just an expression in a goodway it’s not literally like that..

    • Except that she did have a terrible personality and was super violent. Remember in the first episode when she started choking him out over nothing?

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