Your Lie In April Episode 12

april12a Recap

Kousei and Kaori are hard at work practicing for the gala, but Kousei is struggling. Still bogged down by memories of his mother, only amplified by playing this particular piece, he still cannot hear the notes. After basically being lied to by Hiroko, Kousei starts to look at playing in a different light. On the day of the recital, Kaori is missing. Despite this, Kousei still intends to play, even if it is alone.

I’m really not liking the direction this show is going in right now. It seems as if we’re on some kind of Kousei’s mom redemption arc right now, and it would be the absolute worst development this show could possibly think of. Nothing about the behavior that Saki has shown up to this point could be anything near construed as sympathetic. To have this sudden development happen out of nowhere would be cheap and degrading to the real trauma Kousei faced at her hands. I am worried these thoughts lie on deaf ears though. Hiroko’s reveals have also been troubling, seemingly deflecting the blame off Saki somehow by insinuating her trying to make him a pianist somehow lead to Saki being a horrible child abuser. It’s some of the laziest writing I’ve seen in a while, and a huge shame for a show that already is spiraling into a bad place.

april12bAm I the only one that finds it suspect that Kaori the terminally ill girl has bakers as parents? I mean, is there something about baking that makes your children’s lives super tragic? I guess it is nice to learn a bit more about Kaori’s family life. It seems strange that we got no implications to Kaori’s mystery illness through them, as I thought this would have been the prime time to bring that kind of discussion up. At least we finally understand where Kaori got her pushy personality from.

I really wasn’t expecting Kaori’s no-show at the gala either. The show has already shown a huge disdain for the real and difficult practice of professional performance. Having Kousei go out on his own seems to slap that concept in the face once again. I’m not sure if we’re supposed to be against the little kid who denies their petition to change places, but I fully supported his reasoning. He earned his right to play last, it’s not fair of this haphazard duo to try and steal that from him. I know this show is focused on the growth of Kousei as a performer, but he should still give his proper respect to the others that occupy his field. I feel this show is confusing character growth for good character, and its not.


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