Blood Blockade Battlefront Episode 5


“The Tremorous Blood Hammer”

Saturdays 2:28 pm EST on Funimation

Leo gets kidnapped (again) by Aligura, the Queen of Monomania. Klaus knows exactly what she wants and enlists the help of the incredibly handsome (and even more incredibly named) Dog Hammer to stop her.

Jel’s Thoughts

Conventional wisdom would say introducing a Villain of the Week to kidnap Leo pretty much every episode would get old pretty fast. It would also say introducing a new character practically every 5 minutes of air time would also be a bad idea. But this is Blood Blockade Battlefront, and conventional wisdom does not apply here. Seeing Libra work as a team is just so cool that you can’t help but love every moment of it.


The real highlight of the episode is the big action set piece as Aligura barrels through the city hunting her prey. As I just mentioned though, the really cool part isn’t the chase but seeing the coordinated effort of our heroes. Everyone has a role to play, right down to Chain catching Leo from the sky which you might miss if you blink. Dog and Deldro are also a really creative spin on the blood powers we’ve seen so far. The “Hainz” ketchup explanation as to how they came to be was one of the most clever ways of illustrating a potentially boring info dump I’ve seen in awhile, so extra credit for that.

While we’ve come to expect the huge action scenes and cool powers from BBB at this point, I’m also impressed with how they’ve handled Leo’s developing relationship with White. At first glance it’s seemed like an after thought tacked on to the end of every episode, but they’ve actually been telling us a lot while saying very little up until now. It was kind of brilliant how they integrated Leo questioning his feelings into Aligura’s own mad chase for love, then having it come to fruition against the backdrop of one of the mostly hilariously bizarre movie references in an anime ever was just so perfect for this oddly beautiful show. If the movie also turns out to also be some kind of clue about White’s background (which it probably will) my head will probably explode. We’ll have to see how that pans out, but as far as this week goes this was another great episode with almost no negatives to speak of.

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