Blood Blockade Battlefront Episode 10


“Run! Lunch!! Run!!! / to the end”

Saturdays 2:28 pm EST on Funimation

Klaus, Stephen A. Starphase, and Lucky Abrams meet with the LHOS, the group responsible for the barrier protecting New York City. More importantly, Leo, Zapp, and Zed need to find a place to eat lunch.

Jel’s Thoughts

I’ve talked about Blood Blockade Battlefront’s great sense of humor before, but is it possible it’s actually the best comedy of the season? Leo, Zapp, and Zed’s dash through alternate NYC’s culinary scene was probably the funniest thing I’ve seen this season. It was kind of joke made possible by BBB’s fantastic world building, to the point where the existence of the most disgusting and/or dangerous dive joints is both expected AND hilarious. God of Chow? Sure, why not. Of course it’s also helped by the growing camaraderie with the three hungry Bros, with Zapp and Zed’s back and forth particularly priceless. The fact that they can get away with not showing the big battle really shows the series focus and as much as I would have loved to see the crew thrash a thousand bargain basement Chinese mech suits, I’m OK with how it turned out.


Plot wise the importance of the Casters has been kind of underdeveloped so it was good we touched on that a bit. I’m still a little curious as to where they get their powers from as I just assumed no one had powers before the gate opened over New York. I guess that’s never quite explained either, it just seemed different that Klaus and Co. were impressed by the Secretary’s ability to teleport. Of course the important thing to know for this plot line is how powerful Black and White really are, and when you factor in Black is ALSO being inhabited by a Blood Breed, well… the little demo of his power this week made it clear how formidable he is. I’m kind of surprised how the episode ends, with Black and White taking the direct approach with Leo. Seems like they could have done that without chumming around with him first, but I guess that wouldn’t have made the situation as tense.

The most troublesome thing this week though is the preview for next episode, which is kind of implying we are getting a recap episode. PLEASE, dear anime gods, do not let it be a recap episode. Sure plenty of shows have been great despite having one, but I’d rather not have that asterisk on BBB’s stellar record. What I would really love is if they tied up this inevitable final battle with Black next week and left us one episode to party with the cast. They have been much more important to the series’ success than fighting or conflict in general and I think that would be a more fitting end for the show’s run.

5 thoughts on “Blood Blockade Battlefront Episode 10

  1. Ya know, you’re probably right about BBB somehow being the best comedy of the season! (Well, except Gintama, but that’s a returning series soo…?)
    But yeah, we are getting a recap episode (episode 10.5) and then 2 more episode after that. But they’re also taking a week hiatus after Ep. 11 so we won’t be seeing the last episode for another month yet from what I’ve heard :/

    • ah OK well if we get two more episodes that’s cool, and hopefully the long break means the last episode will have all kinds of crazy awesome animation

  2. Am I the only one who finds this show emotionally distant and just a tiny bit off-putting? I acknowledge the virtuosic directing, though I kind of think it’s almost OVER-directed and therefore too busy to fully enjoy and appreciate, but I just don’t feel the least bit engaged by the story or characters. The whole thing feels technically brilliant but ice cold to me…

    • I see what your saying and I will agree. It’s miles the best summer show but there really is no deep connection with the characters….Maybe Zapp…But nobody else.

    • Yeah I get it. I’d say the characters are likable but not necessarily relatable if that makes sense. Or maybe their circumstances aren’t. I still think it’s great as an entire package though.

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