All Your Monies: July 29 2015


Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Aqua) will run down the last week’s new pre-orders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week we are a little late thanks to Wonfes so I made sure to throw in tons of good stuff for you all to empty your wallets on.

Cordelia (Fire Emblem: Awakening)
Good Smile Company, April 2016, ¥15,556


Timmy: Really bloody pretty, though for that price she damn well better be. Everything about Cordelia looks great from her beautifully painted and sculpted outfit and weapon to her lovely hair and face. GSC have done a great job crafting an interesting base for her to stand on as well with both that stunning wing and the neat water layer effect adding a lot to the presentation. I guess my only gripe is I didn’t really do anything with Cordelia on my first and thus far only play-though of FE:A, and would rather personally see scales of best girls Anna and Lucina in her place. Still a really pretty figure though and if she drops in price I might be tempted.

Jel: This is a stunning rendition of my Fire Emblem waifu, there’s just one really bothersome problem: that armor. I would have preferred she was wearing it as that suits her character much better, but I am OK without it. The real question is, why is it it just hanging there on the wing statue? At best it look like an afterthought, at worst it looks like it’s just floating in the air for no reason. I have to get hung up on such a dumb little detail but I can’t un-see it. Beyond that this is gorgeous and if money were no object I’d love to have it. Sadly, it is.

Euri: Any figure that’s going to remind me of how great Fire Emblem: Awakening is will get a good rating in my book, but this figure has style in excess and can easily hold its own regardless. I love that her feet seem to be moulded into the water, though if this figure is depicting something from the story, I seem to have forgotten about it. Still, it’s different, and beats having a boring base with just a game logo on it.

Yui Mikoze (Locodol)
Phat, December, ¥13,800


Timmy: For starters I love how the extra bits included basically make this two figures in one and if displayed that way you can easily store stuff in your empty Uogokoro. And save for that fish on his back he really isn’t very complicated so its no surprise that he passes muster under Phat’s guidance. Yui on the other had is an interesting case. She certainly looks nice and the hair and face in particular both look great. It seems to me that some liberties were taken in the shorts department, and they look downright uncomfortable to wear, especially when viewed from behind. (They are also longer in the source image.) Still, I like what I see for the most part and this is probably going to be the only non prize scale of Locodol we are getting.

Jel: This seems worth it just to have Uogokoro himself but hey, he also comes with an anime girl! I love the concept of the figure but I don’t love how they hyper sexualized Yui. Locodol is pretty tame on the fan service and having clothes that clingy seems out of place. Maybe they just forgot kindness? OK, that was a joke for the one other person on the planet that watched Locodol and remembered the lyrics to the Uogokoro song… which is now stuck in my head. THANKS PHAT COMPANY.

Euri: This is a bit weird. I’ve not seen Locodol, so that’s not helping, but I find it hard to imagine that I’d want to pay that much money for a blue blob and a partially obscured girl, either. Way into the fish, though.

Ougi Oshino (Monogatari Series: Second Season)
Kotobukiya, December, ¥8,200


Timmy: I am not deep enough into the Monogatari franchise to know who this is but I do find her intriguing. Of course the uniform is the standard affair that we have come to know, but at least the face really stands out, especially with those eyes, and the hand rising out of the base looks really neat and creepy as well. I don’t see anything here aside from maybe the aforementioned translucent hand that blows me out of the water, but its a nice enough looking figure none the less.

Jel: They’re getting a little ahead of themselves here seeing as we’re currently in a Monogatari drought and Ougi has only played some bit parts here and there… OR AT LEAST AS FAR WE KNOW *ahem* so really on it’s own this isn’t a terribly impressive figure. The obvious standouts are Ougi’s unsettling black eyes and the super evil hand coming out of the base, but aside from that it’s another girl (for now) in the classic Monogatari school uniform. That said, with more of the series on the way next season there will be plenty of time to get back into wanting this by the December release date.

Euri: The Monogatari figures always seem to have great bases, and this isn’t an exception. I’d prefer to be boring and go for other characters, but this seems like a good choice if floppy sleeves are your kind of thing.

Archer (Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works)
Alter, December, ¥11,800


Timmy: Generally I like what I see and the detail put into the creases and folds in his outfit is really quite impressive. Weapons look neat, face looks great, and the optional parts are a real nice touch as well. I guess really my only disappointment is he isn’t scaled to match GSC’s lovely Rin. I know Alter really can’t be blamed for that but they would have looked really good together.

Jel: It’s official: Pigs are in the skies, hell is now icy cold. It feels like this figure has been in development forever, to the point where I’m almost not going to believe it exists until I see pictures on people’s shelves. That aside, this one mighty fine Archer as you would expect from Alter. The sculpt is impressive from the folds in his coat tail to the metallic sheen of his boots, and the inclusion of the *SPOILER* head is an amusing touch. Not a bad deal for the price too, Fate fans get on it.

Euri: There’s something about this figure that just isn’t doing it for me, aside from it being Archer. The pose isn’t boring, but it feels boring. This is a guy from a series that is all about the dynamic fight scenes, so this just feels rushed out. I’m also getting that uncanny valley feeling from the face, but perhaps that’s just me.  

Figma Sakura Kinomoto (Cardcaptor Sakura)
Max Factory, January 2016, ¥5,371


Timmy: To be honest I threw this in as bait to get Zigg to add to the post, but it seems he actually really is a busy guy these days. As for Sakura she looks nice enough, and I feel the accessories she comes with are adequate. The all important Kero looks adorable as usual, and Sakura’s rollerblades, which coincidentally make her the best magical girl, look really good as well. Really though I am sure fans are already eating this up, and I doubt any of our approval, or comments indicating otherwise, will change any opinions or affect any preorders.

Jel: Sakura is cute and all but can we say we are starting to hit CCS overload? Getting the “school” version of a character that already got the figma treatment is usually a surefire sign. At least her uniform is a bit different and the roller skates are cool, it just might be time for a break after this.

Euri: I’m honestly surprised that it took this long for a Sakura figma, but here we are. A great addition, that’s for sure, but I think I’d rather spend my money on something a bit flashier. Still, it’s great to see the CCS figures at such a high standard of quality, and I can only remember a few that looked like they been vomited up by the gashapon machine. Keep it up!

Yuriko Nanao (IDOLM@STER Million Live)
Phat, December, ¥8,400


Timmy: Seems like it has been a few weeks since the last one so I guess it is again time for a new Idolm@ster figure from Phat. I have been very pleased with what I have seen so far from them and while Yuriko here is new territory for the line thanks to the outfit I still generally quite like this one. The hair, face and her expression all look really nice and being a swimsuit figure having some interesting frills and shading on her bikini as well as a competent body sculpt are that much more important. The real highlight for me though is the pose as I am a sucker for figures that actually look like they were or are in the middle of doing something as opposed to just posing. Of course this is Idolm@ster so she actually is posing, but I think my point still stands. Also if she and that drink floaty of hers can’t actually float I will be really dissapointed.

Jel: Just when you thought Phat was running out of Idolm@sters, here we go with the spinoffs… Obviously the highlight here is the floaty raft, which I hope is actually inflatable. But other than that it’s just another bikini figure of an underage girl. PASS. Oh, and that better not be an alcoholic beverage young lady *shakes old man cane* if it is I’m calling your parents!

Euri: This looks like the natural midpoint between figurine and blow-up doll and I need to leave before this gets out of hand.

Akatsuki (Log Horizon)
Aquamarine, December, ¥13,800


Timmy: From a technical standpoint I think this really looks nice. I like the colors, the sculpt, and the shading and I really like the fact we are getting a figure of Akatsuki at all. My problem is it seems like aquamarine couldn’t decide if they wanted to do a badass Akatsuki or a cute Akatsuki so they tried to kind of do both and it doesn’t really work. If she was being cute she wouldn’t really have her weapons out like that and if she was being a badass she wouldn’t have a smile on her face. Still beggars can’t be choosers I guess and it would surprise me if we got any more figures of her.

Jel: I don’t know anything about Log Horizon and even I know that is an inappropriate facial expression for Akatsuki. The whole thing also seems to have a stylized, “cute” look to it, which also doesn’t seem right. Not sure if that is intentional or just the sculptor not doing a good enough job. Either way I’m not terribly impressed.

Euri: Another series I’m not familiar with, so I can’t tell if this is a young version of Akatsuki or just a chibi-style figure, but nonetheless I think it looks quite good. Perhaps a little too pricey in comparison to other figures you can get in that price range, but it’s not a figure fans of the series will be turning their noses up at. Would be nice to see a bit more variation in the colours, but I assume that’s very much representative of the character.

Kaori Miyazono (Your Lie in April)
Good Smile Company, January 2016, ¥9,074


Timmy: GSC seems to have taken a page from Alter’s handbook and have made what could very easily have been a boring figure of Kaori breathtakingly pretty. The detailing from the bricks in the base to the strands of her hair is superb and the wonderfully crafted instrument, well detailed and shaded uniform, and absolutely lovely face round out a really great figure. The price is pretty nice as well and despite having yet to personally finish watching Your Lie in April I still find myself very, very tempted.

Jel: That is one very pretty anime figure. Aside from the violin and the nice brick base, Kaori’s design is quite boring but she’s just so… pretty. I can’t think of more appropriate words to say. Seems like a no brainer for fans of dumb teenage cry fest Your Lie In April. You know who you are.

Euri: That’s a pretty reasonable price for what you get, and I dig that it’s on a figure repping a violin. I’m also really impressed with the hair, which you’d think would have been pretty blocky with the odd strands towards the bottom, like most figures. This definitely stands out more because of it.

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