First Look: Owarimonogatari


Light Novel Adaptation by Shaft
Streaming on Crunchyroll


Arararararagi and Ougi play an Escape the Room mystery game and no one cares because they showed a Kizumonogatari trailer afterward that looks much, much better.

Jel’s verdict: End This Story

I’ve been writing about Monogatari for nearly 5 years now, including the entire 3+ year life span of the Glorio Blog. My fatigue from the series’ brand of “sit in a room and talk” presentation has been well documented. The entire premise of this double first episode has Ararararagi and Ougi literally trapped in a room with nothing to do but talk for 48 minutes. Needless to say, I did not enjoy it very much.

More often than not the actual story behind these dialogue dumps turns out to be interesting enough for me to overlook the shortcoming of their methods, but that wasn’t the case here either. When you break it down, the plot invloved being trapped in a room to talk and remembering being trapped in a room to talk about why some students got a slightly higher score on their math tests. Sounds absolutely riveting, doesn’t it? Of course they do their best to raise the tension and drama, but I couldn’t get over how trivial the whole debate was.


Then we have the bigger issue of wasting time on a brand new character this late in the game. “Owarimonogatari” means “End Story” so you’d think we’d approaching the conclusion (side note: we’re not) and yet here we are with another waifu for Arararararagi’s harem. The last thing we needed was another ill tempered girl with deep emotional issues, which you would clearly have if you had a hard on for math formulas the way she does. I’d much rather turn the focus to Ougi and figuring out the source of all the abnormalities, or even just hanging out with the other girls who we don’t have to spend additional time trying to make us care about.

The only positive is that Ararararagi does escape by the end of the second episode. This is the type of series where you could be legitimately concerned they would spend 5-6 episodes stuck in one room, so that was a relief. Maybe things will take a more interesting turn now that we’re not so confined? I’d like to think so but forgive me for not being too optimistic. I think it might be more realistic to hope we get new girl’s story tied up quickly and we can move on to something else.

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