First Look: Dagashi Kashi


Manga Adaptation by Feel
Simulcast pending on Funimation


Kokonotsu “Coconuts” Shikada wants to be a manga artist but his father, a famous candy maker, wants him to take over the family shop. One day a beautiful girl walks in the store claiming to be the heiress to a huge candy company and tries to recruit Dad, who agrees to go with her only and if only Coconuts decides to run the family business.

Jel’s verdict: Pretty Sweet

Maybe it’s a combination of the lack of good comedies this season and my super low expectations talking, but I liked this. I thought it was going to be pervy otaku bait and it (mostly) was not, so that helps quite a bit. What we did get was a comedy first and foremost, and the comedy was pretty good. The goofy dad and clueless main girl will no doubt provide a deep well of silly anime faces and ridiculous imaginary delusions throughout the show’s run, and I’m always down for a classic love triangle with the main guy/weird rich girl/plain friend thing going on. Put those bursts of comedic energy and emotion in a laid back, small town setting and it all comes together for a smooth, enjoyable watch.

Even with the good stuff out of the way I actually don’t have any major complaints, assuming the brief bits of fan service we did get stay in check as I suspect they will. The only thing that seems to be holding it back is it maybe plays things a little too safe. The characters are fine but they all behave exactly the way you’ve seen characters in anime RomComs behave before. And while I can’t say I’ve ever seen the exact circumstances of the plot, it is basically a meaningless device to get Hotaru to shack up with Coconuts which for some reason is always mandatory in these types of shows. I’m willing to live with that though if Dagashi Kashi can keep delivering this same brand of easy comedy every week.


Marlin’s verdict: Cotton Candy

Dagashi Kashi isn’t going to wow anyone. It seems primarily made to be some kind of really unsubtle snack food advertisement, but in doing so it’s managed to carve out an enjoyable little romcom into the mix as well. It certainly seems this will err on the comedy side of that equation more often than not. Its romance is about as subtle as a sledgehammer to the face, with all the overt blushes and tsundereism that you’d expect out of a show from the last decade. What really made me come out of the show positive was the comedic exuberance. Almost every joke is given with a small bit of absurdism, which any reader would know is my bread and butter. I imagine a lot of the humor might be hard to follow considering you’re going to need some Japanese snack knowledge, but the language of slapstick is universal.

The objectification of our female lead is where this show’s more unfortunate shounen roots pop out like an old maple, but thankfully it isn’t too overbearing. Granted, the last show like this I watched was Shokugeki no Souma, so my bar for acceptable fanservice in these types of shows may have been tampered with. I’m also glad that, for once, the show manages to make a walks-in-on-someone-changing scene not only logical in its progression, but has the girl walked in on not flip her shit. Sure, she seems to have social skills approximate to something on the autism spectrum, but it’s the thought that counts. As long as this show can keep these scenes to a minimum and capitalize on its humor, I can see this being a good piece of fluff.


Artemis’ verdict: Inoffensively Dumb

The good news is that this show is nowhere near as skeevy as I thought it’d be. I mean, it’s still slightly skeevy because this is still an anime romcom aimed primarily at young Japanese males, but the odd shower scene and b00b jiggle aside, it looks to be fairly clean. Honestly, I don’t think the comedy packs much of a punch – think mildly amusing reaction shots and the odd witty one-liner – so I smiled maybe once or twice during the episode in between bouts of polite boredom. Also, the artwork is about as ugly as it looks on the tin. That being said, I get that dumb comedy is sometimes all people are looking for in a show, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s not my thing, but you could certainly do far worse this season.

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