First Look: Dimension W


Manga Adaptation by Studio 3Hz & Orange
Streaming on Funimation


In the future, humanity has created machines called “coils” that tap into “Dimension W” to produce effectively unlimited energy. Our technology-hating hero and his robot girl sidekick search for illegal, unlicensed coils, probably running into all sorts of trouble along the way.

Iro’s verdict: Not Bad

Fun fact: Gee and I were actually at the AX2015 Funimation panel where they announced this show. Having finally watched Dimension W, it seems to be… okay, I guess. Everything looks pretty cool for a Weird Robo-Future, and the florescent greens are a good visual indicator for W energy or whatever. The concept of a grumpy guy teaming up with a peppy girl is pretty standard stuff, and having him hate technology is a decent plot hook (and a decent reason for him to be a modern-day ninja). Unfortunately, gross fanservice strikes again, with leery shots of the robot girl scattered across the entire episode, which is sadly standard for your average anime at this point. Overall, Dimension W seems like it’s going to be a plain mid-tier action show, and I’m just fine with that.


Marlin’s verdict: The Adventures of Mugen Wolverine

If this main character isn’t voiced by Steve Blum in the inevitable dub I’ll eat my hat. Kyouma certainly relishes in his roll as anti-hero, taking down the bad guys with a level of brutality that will make you cringe, but for once not in embarrassment. Sure, we could do without the spunky objectified female lead, but this is still anime and as far as I remember the world has not yet slipped off its access and pigs are rooted firmly to the ground. The setting is definitely part of the charm, like Blade Runner or Ghost in the Shell but if they were laser focused at a teenage demographic. I also enjoy how fluid the fighting was in this episode, it really keeps you watching and as long as Mira can pull her weight and put some pants on, I think this show will be pretty enjoyable.


Artemis’ verdict: Huh. Well Alright Then

I expected to hate this and I didn’t. In fact, I’m pretty eager to watch more, despite one or two major annoyances involving unnecessary technobabble and, yet again, fan service. (Look Japan, you and I need to talk. You do know that when you bring out the loli-robots and train the camera excessively on her breasts and ass that it’s still creepy as hell, right? Right?) These aspects aside, I was pleasantly surprised by most of what I saw in the first episode, including an immediately likeable (and adult!) main character, said character being played by probably my all-time favourite Japanese voice actor, and a really fun, fast-paced OP involving hip-hop inspired dance moves – once again featuring said main character. And hey, if this is going to be a primarily action/adventure-style series following an unlikely pair of accomplices as they go around involving themselves in some necessarily shady ‘business’ dealings, I’d be more than okay with that.

6 thoughts on “First Look: Dimension W

  1. Is that a ’67 Jaguar etype he is driving? Got me.

    Decent first ep. I quite like the art work and dark setting when he is doing his brutalizing. Also when they focus on his face and they have like a red back ground…almost looks like they hung red contruction paper behind him..caught my attention…simple but Me likes.

  2. Mabuchi has this very Gintoki (Gintama) feel. After hearing his backstory (ep2) I can’t feel anything other than that his character isn’t the most original. I still like him, and the show is quite interesting.

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