First Look: Three Leaves, Three Colors


Alternative titles: Sansha SanyouDogakobo Does Another Schoolgirl Comedy 
Manga Adaptation by Dogakobo
Streaming on Funimation


Three girls have lunch together. That’s about it. It’s slice-of-life ya know?


Zigg’s verdict: All The Small Things

This is about as generic a schoolgirl slice-of-life show as you’re likely to see, but it’s elevated considerably by Dogakobo’s lavish production and their marvelous animation. The little tics and motions that the characters get enhance their appeal considerably and overall the whole thing is very nice to look at, despite some pretty standard character designs. It’s pleasant to watch too, a friendly, innocent and occasionally amusing way to kill some time and get some chuckles. I can’t really say much more than that because there isn’t really much more to say, but it’s relaxing and pretty and no doubt will definitely be enjoyed by some.


Jel’s verdict: The Definitive Cute Girls Eating Bread Anime of the Season

Sorry Pan de Peace!, this show’s got you beat in that department. Comically exaggerated bread aside, this was pretty cute and charming despite the somewhat thin premise. I think maybe the strong emphasis on friendship with our down on her luck protagonist gives it the little touch of heart it needs to stand out. Even though most of the episode was just the girls eating lunch and talking about food, I felt like I was enjoying hanging out with them. That’s a pretty good place to start your Slice of Life show. As for whether or not that will be enough to carry us for 11 more episodes is tougher to say. For context, this anime is based on a manga written by the author of Engaged to the Unidentified, which had endearing characters but managed to beat a few of its jokes thoroughly into the ground. I could totally see that happening here, but for now I’d say I enjoyed it enough to keep watching.


Iro’s verdict: Dogakobo as Fuck

This kinda felt like watching the first episode of Love Lab again, although it wasn’t remotely as funny. Generically cute schoolgirls, bizarrely fluid animation, bright colors; Dogakobo’s strength is in this type of series, and it shows. I could see this wearing out its welcome real fast, depending on how far they can stretch each girl’s gimmick, but for now it’s an inoffensive, cutesy slice-of-life. And that’s fine.

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