Macross Delta Episode 12


“The King of the Wind”

Sundays in Japan only because this will NEVER BE LICENSED

Using the power of the Wind Singer and their Protoculture ship, the Aerial Knights capture Al Shahal in mere minutes. Ragna is their final target, and Delta Squad must prepare their defense while dealing with NUNS interference.

Jel’s thoughts

I was kind of excited for a big battle this week so I was slightly disappointed when we got another setup episode. For the past two weeks we have been able to see more of the scale and structure of Chaos (yes “structure of Chaos” doesn’t make sense but that’s their name) and their relationship with NUNS. Lady M seems to command a lot of respect, and for some reason I am only now getting around to speculating who she might be. Originally it seemed to be a nickname for Mikumo but that doesn’t seem to be the case now. I am wondering if it is a character from Macross‘ past, but there are a LOT of women with ‘M’ names in the series so even that wouldn’t narrow it down much. We’ll have to come back to that later, let’s move on to the breakdown:


Love Triangle
That’s right, keep building up the hopes and dreams of Team Freyja only so they can be crushed later. That certainly was some Grade A dumb teenage anime flirting going on this week. I feel like Freyja hasn’t had any quality moments with Hayate in awhile so I guess it was time to balance things out. As for Mirage, I know I put her at the bottom of the Betting Pool of Death but wow after those death flags this week she’s really going to put her Love Triangle Plot Armor to the test. If that keeps up I might have to rethink the odds for the second half.

Pop Music
If I’m remembering correctly, this may be the first episode we didn’t get a song. So nothing on that front. Interesting that Mikumo is so mysteriously sympathetic to the Wind Singer. Was she just referring to the strength they need to fight the Var syndrome, or was she remembering a bigger incident? It seemed like the latter, and I’d like to start getting more concrete clues as to what is up with her. I think we’re far enough along that they should throw us something.


Streaming Missiles
Nothing much going on here either, although launching the Elysion was pretty exciting. I did not realize how massive the Protoculture ship was until we saw the Macross ship approaching it. It seems like we should be calling it a fortress instead of a ship. I thought it was interesting the Knights are still discovering how to use it. I don’t know if it was meant to be a direct reference, but it made me think of how the humans would always be finding new features on the original SDF. That all aside, I’m looking forward to next week as we are most definitely going to get some kind of battle.

This is your last chance to join the first round of the Macross Delta Betting Pool of Death! Here are the rules:

– You have 100 Glorio Yen Coins* to bet on any character or split combination of characters.
– Pay out will be determined by the odds set on the list below.
– Bets can be placed in the comments on any post until the mid point of the series
– Mid-point will be end of episode 13 or the OP changes, whichever comes first.
– You will receive pay out if a character dies before or during episode 13.
– Starting with episode 14, new odds will be created and a second round will begin.
– If no one dies before or during episode 13, this has been a huge waste of time.

1/2 Messer Ihelfeld: Has Var syndrome and a past incident to atone for, practically begging to get killed.
1/3 Arad Molders: Tells everyone they’re going to party after the mission, also he’s Skull Leader.
1/5 Chuck Mustang: Killing the likable, down to earth guy is easy drama, his image color is yellow.
1/8 Mikumo Guynemer: Seems like she doesn’t belong in this time/universe, set up to pass on her role to Freyja.
1/10 The Macross Elysion Bridge Crew: Totally expendable.
1/15 Kaname Buccaneer: Low self esteem could lead to her seeking value in sacrifice… wow that got dark.
1/20 Makina Nakajima/Reina Prowler: Nearly as expendable as the bridge crew, if they go they go together.
1/75 Walkure Package Deal: They keep emphasizing they are in danger, maybe everyone dies to protect Freyja?
1/100 Freyja Wion: Short life span could cause a “better to die young” scenario, but Love Triangle Plot Armor.
1/200 Hayate Immelman: Love Triangle Plot Armor, Main Male Character Plot Armor.
1/250 Mirage Farina Jenius: Love Triangle Plot Armor, most likely to be the Boring Person That Lives to Tell Their Story.

*1 Glorio Yen Coin equals the cash value of 1 Internet Bragging Right

2 thoughts on “Macross Delta Episode 12

  1. I think the top 3 candidates for Lady M’s identity are Minei, Misa Hayase and Myung (from Macross PLUS). Of course this Kawamori we’re dealing with and he LOVES swerving the fanbase (like he did during FRONTIIER making us all think that Ozma was going to die like Roy Fokker in epside 17 (just like Roy did in the original Macross) only to have him not die but kill Mikhail 3episodes later.

    If it is actually a returning Macross character from a previous series I’ll be genuinely surprised but if I had to narrow the odds it would be one of the 3 I mentioned.

    • I’ve actually been kicking around a crazy theory on how it could be Minmay. She’s a former idol, her past experience would command respect from the military, she probably has unlimited resources at this point, and it would kind of make sense she would want to hide her identity. I think she would be somewhere in her mid 70’s at this point so she would be old but still able to do the job.

      As for whether that would actually happen… it seems pretty farfetched. It would also kind of distract from the Delta characters a bit. If it did happen I could see it more as a name drop than anyone appearing on screen. It’s also worth noting Kawamori has said in a recent interview that he wasn’t sure he was ready to tell the story of what happened to the original trio. But to your point, he sure likes a good twist so I guess we can’t rule anything out.

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