Macross Delta Episode 13


“Passionate Diving”

Sundays in Japan only because this will NEVER BE LICENSED

The battle for Ragna begins as Delta squad and the rest of Chaos go on the offensive. With Windmere on the front and NUNS breathing down their neck, saving the civilians becomes the top priority.

Jel’s thoughts

This was a pretty solid mid-point climax. The stakes were high, the battle was intense, and we’re left with a new direction for the series to take in the second half. Taking a city on a chase across the galaxy is very much a call back to the original series (or *ahem* Space Battleship Yamato) and a turn of events I’m totally on board with. Really dumb things like Freyja leaping off the carrier had me facepalming pretty hard, but I can’t deny I was having fun. Isn’t that all that matters?


Love Triangle
That was some painfully gratuitous teasing we got this week. Mirage gets a hug? Freyja gets weirdly sexually harassed about her rune? Scandalous! I liked that Mirage got to do all the saving people out of the sky this time, although I think it would have been even better if she was the one to take down the White Knight. It was her tactics and leadership that kept them alive and put Hayate in position to fight him off, but obviously he gets the glory. I would have liked it more if she got the final shot or even if it was more of a team victory. At least she’ll win the Love Triangle, so once again sorry Team Freyja.

Pop Music
I would have been fine dramatically cutting off “Ikenai Borderline” if they swapped in some hot new track, but instead we got some of the most boring songs in the catalog for the main battle. Sorry folks, the OP is just not that great. Seems like now would be the time for a new OP/ED so hopefully they’ll step it up next week. As for Walkure itself, Mikumo didn’t seem too seriously hurt but I do wonder if we’re getting to the point where Freyja will take over. Hopefully not.


Streaming Missiles
OK, who didn’t get up and cheer when the Elysion came out of the water holding a giant beam cannon? Overall it was a good, well choreographed battle although the number of actual streaming missiles seemed to be pretty low. These kids these days with their lasers… ANYWAY, as expected the bad guys have kind of won for the moment but on the Macross scale it wasn’t too big a victory. The Good Guys still escaped with a colony ship (they had one of those handy I guess?) and from what I could tell minimal casualties. We’ll have more of a damage report next week and I’m looking forward to the new direction we’re heading.

Final notes on the Betting Pool of Death: liablueleaves wins with 80 points or whatever we’re calling them. I guess Messer dying was too obvious for everyone? I’ll re-evaulate the odds in the next episode or two and we’ll see if we can get it going again.

2 thoughts on “Macross Delta Episode 13

  1. As a History major, I have a natural hatred for people who damage historical monuments/articles/ruins. Add to that the imperialist undertones of destroying a sacred place for native cultures. So I’m now declaring that the NUNS government are actually the true villains and they actually have something iffy under their sleeves. BTW did Chuck’s sister become a casualty? It’s not said explicitly, but she was blown away hard by that exposion.

    I agree the timing was ripe for a new cool song, so it was kind of disappointing to get the OP instead (even if I do like that song). The Walkure CD recently came out, so I expect them to put out new songs for the second half just so they can compile another CD and continue raking in all that sweet sweet cash.

    I LOVED Mirage saving Hayate. Team Mirage through and through.

    As for people dying, with Mikumo taking a bullet from Freyja I think she’s temporarily gotten rid of her death flags. In fact, given how much emphasis they’re putting on the Windermere prince “risking his life with his song”, I think the final battle will come to Freyja putting her life on the line to reach Heinz with her song and probably dying in the process, or at least, end in a comma like Sheryl

    • Making NUNS into the bad guys would be a big change of pace for Macross and it kind of seems like they could head that direction. It would give Delta and Windmere a common enemy at least.

      I also noticed Chuck’s sister, I would think they would have made a bigger deal of it if she died but I guess they could still do that next week. Sadly her only real plot point was her crush on Messer, it would be pretty cruel to just off her like that.

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