Macross Delta Episode 5


“Dancing in the Moonlight”

Sundays in Japan only because this will NEVER BE LICENSED

With Windmere’s declaration of war, Delta’s contract has changed to include helping defend Ragna, essentially declaring war themselves. All eyes are on Freyja as she decides if she will turn against her planet, even as some accuse her of being a spy. Hayate must also decide if he wants to continue to fight now that real combat is on the horizon.

Jel’s thoughts

Kind of a boring episode this week but some interesting developments nonetheless. I am mostly intrigued by Windmere’s claim that they are the original protoculture, which for newcomers to Macross is the original race/culture from which most of these other races originated from. It’s probably more interesting plot wise that they see themselves as an indigenous people stomped on by the imperialistic U.N. Spacy, and if what they say is true they should rightfully be angry. Turning the iconic SDF into a monolithic symbol of oppression is certainly a different spin on things. Anyway, on to the dumb stuff.


Love Triangle
Hayate and Freyja continue to have a natural, albeit annoying, chemistry. Their little date in the sky is a nice moment, it’s a shame they’re not going to work out in the long run. Yes, I am just going proceed as if that is fact. I know it’s more exciting and frames Hayate’s growth better if he matures into appreciating Mirage, but I would make so much more sense for those two dumb kids to go follow the wind together or whatever.

Pop Music
It was kind of amusingly odd that Frejya sings the ED like 2 minutes before the actual ED plays. The song has definitely grown on me, the “wow wow” part is a pretty good hook. Mikumo continues to be delightfully weird and is clearly the best Walkure. I’m starting to re-evaluate whether they are actually going to kill her off. She seems less and less like a mentor figure and more like a mysterious oracle, making vague statements and acting detached from reality. Nah who am I kidding, she’s totally gonna die.


Streaming Missiles
Zero action this week, but plenty of set up for it next episode. Hayate’s continued lack of consequences is making me furious. When it looked like Mirage was going to get punished I actually thought that was a good direction to go, make him realize his selfishness affects others etc etc, but NOPE. It was particularly frustrating after he was so dismissive of Mirage earlier when she was trying to say something supportive to Freyja, so yeah basically Hayate is a punk that needs to be knocked down a peg or three. I am still anticipating he will learn his lesson by either getting someone killed or in the process of having to kill someone himself. Or he will just keep dancing his way through life and I will stay furious, we’ll see.

2 thoughts on “Macross Delta Episode 5

    • We’ve had a good sample size so it’s not too early, go for it. I still think there’s a lot of dumb and ridiculous things going on but that’s not always a bad thing, I’m enjoying it.

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