First Look: My Hero Academia Season 2

Alternative titles: Boku no Hero Academia
Manga Adaptation by Studio BONES
Streaming on Crunchyroll


It’s back to class with our favourite perpetually-sobbing teen hero and his adorable accomplices.

Zigg’s verdict: Volume Two

My Hero Academia seems to be very much of the ‘if it a’int broke, don’t fix it’ school of thought, and that means all of the many strengths of the original show carry over here. We’ve still got BONES’s terrific, exuberant art and animation, a bright and colourful cast headed by the best/most huggable shonen hero in years. Unfortunately, it also seems to dictate the return of the glacially slow pacing which made the middle chunk of the first season extremely frustrating to sit through. This isn’t helped by how much of this first episode being pure recap, to the point that it lifts wholesale a bunch of footage from first season episodes. It’s still incredibly fun to hang out with these characters though, so I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed they’ll be able to keep the excitement level up for more of this run.

Iro’s verdict: Further Heroics

This is… more of the same, retaining all of My Hero Academia‘s bright colors, inspiring musical swells, eye-rolling jokes, and dull anime pacing. I’m pretty much fine with that; after Season 1, I gunned through the rest of the manga and I’ve kept up ever since. We’re in for some cool shit over the next two cours or however the hell long this show is actually going to be. While we collectively tend to deride the inevitable, obligatory shounen tournament arc, My Hero Academia is going to chiefly be using it as an opportunity to show off the side cast and let some of the background oddities like Tokoyami and Kirishima strut their stuff. I also definitely have to shout out some of the small bits of character animation on display with the premiere, which add a good amount of character to the otherwise glacially paced proceedings. I’ll stick with this.

Gee’s verdict: Back in Session

Between working with a strong original manga and some good work by Bones, My Hero Academia ended up being maybe one of my favorite Shonen adaptations in years. With its second season focusing on what is perhaps my favorite tournament arc since Yu Yu Hakusho, I’m obviously pretty excited. Unfortunately we have to get through an episode of recap and exposition to get there, but it’s a new season after months of being on break, so I can forgive it. If there’s anything you can say for it though, it’s that even in its slower moments, My Hero Academia retains a level of energy that keeps things lively. Iida’s animations this week get a particular shoutout for taking what were already pretty goofy panels and turning them into their own beautiful thing. Another shoutout to Ochako’s mercantile, but likeably honest motivations for heroics. Not everyone can or wants to change the world like All Might, and in many ways her motivations are just as valid and admirable. Overall, the first episode of My Hero Academia’s second season deals with some necessary housekeeping, but hopefully with that out of the way, we can start getting into the juicy stuff next week.

Side note: I don’t know if this is intentional, but the new OP has some fun bits with the characters and where they’re training. Deku is at the rooftop where he first spoke with All Might. Ochako is at the beach Deku cleaned up. Kirishima, Bakugou, and Iida are all training at the site of the mock battle.

Aqua’s verdict: Sins of the Father

Four words, My Hero Academia 

Four. Words.

One thought on “First Look: My Hero Academia Season 2

  1. Considering there was an s02e0 that recapped the entire first season I was utterly bored and annoyed by the first half of s02e01. As Aqua said, get on with it!

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