First Look: Love Tyrant

Alternative title(s): Ren’ai Boukun, The Very Lovely Tyrant of Love
Manga Adaptation by EMT Squared
Streaming on Crunchyroll


Guri is an angel or cupid or something that wields the “Kiss Note” – it’s a Death Note but write people’s names in it and they will kiss within 24 hours. Well, it actually is a Death Note since if you DON’T kiss that person, you die. Naturally, she is bad at her job and accidentally writes in a wrong name and her ensuing attempts to fix the situation only make things worse.

Jel’s verdict: Stick a Knife In It

On paper there are things about Love Tyrant I should like. It’s got some black humor, everyone is a terrible person, and it is 110% committed to its premise in the most loud and obnoxious way possible. So why didn’t I like? To start, I have reached the point where I have zero tolerance for self aware, anime meta humor. It has been done to death, from every possible angle, and I don’t want to see any more of it. Having Guri running around talking about “flags” and freaking out over seeing a real life “yandere” and “yuri” just annoys me. Maybe that would have been fun years ago but I feel like in 2017 that is the most boring, lazy shortcut any anime comedy can take. Can we please give that a rest?

The biggest problem though is it’s just not funny. It’s kind of hard to explain why just as it’s hard to explain why something is funny, but it feels like the writer doesn’t understand how humor works. For example, when we first see the “Kiss Note”, it’s appearance is clearly meant to inform the audience that it is a parody of Death Note. No further explanation is necessary and yet our protagonist still stops to ask something like “is that a Death Note?”. A well written comedy would just let the joke land, but that is not the case here. I’m not sure I can really explain it any better in words so to really understand you’d have to watch the episode. I can’t recommend that though, and that’s before I even get to the panty shots and bouncing boobs. So consider yourself warned. If you see any funny gifs of politicians making out or people getting casually murdered with ghurka knives, don’t be fooled, this show is bad.

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