All Your Monies: June 28th 2017

Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Iro) will run down the last week’s new pre-orders, turning a loving or scathing all-seeing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard-earned cash on. This week it’s the arrival of some of GSC’s WonFes exclusive figures, plus more!

Nendoroid Ice Kirby (Kirby’s Dream Land)
Good Smile Company, December, ¥4,800

Zigg: The original Kirby Nendoroid has a strong claim to being one of the best ever released, so even though this is basically just a palette swap it’s still pretty awesome. That said, this perpetuates one of my least favourite manufacturer tactics, which is to include extra parts for a different figure packaged in with this one. The part in question is a sleeping face for original Kirby, who’s also being re-released, so I’d probably say just get him.

Aqua: A wild shiny Kirby appeared! The shiny Kirby used Lazy Palette Swap! It’s not very effective…

Iro: The regular Kirby nendo is one of the best ones out there, but I’m not really sold on this one. Ice isn’t really that iconic of a copy power, yknow? This is way more notable for the accessories for regular Kirby, including Parasol, Fighter, and a fantastically cute sleepy face. They could probably get away with straight up releasing copy power packs at this point, right?

Rem: Birthday Lingerie Ver. (RE:Zero)
Kadokawa, November, ¥13,500

Zigg: This is one of those figures that’s pretty good on a technical level – nice detailing on the bust-piece, neat stand – but is just so catastrophically creepy it’s real difficult to recommend. Also, what’s with that expression? It looks vaguely like a drunk come-on face, which now that I think about might be the exact intent.

Aqua: At first glance, I actually quite liked this. Lingerie aside, the face and relaxed pose give off the impression that Rem’s having a good time and generally come across as intimate and adorable without verging into creepy territory. But then comes the realisation that Kadokawa are pushing this as a whole ‘it’s just you and her for her birthday’ thing and it just gets supremely creepy. Why would she have to service you? It’s her birthday!

Iro: Why would she wear such absurd lingerie on her birthday? Or is this supposed to be some creepy fantasy of how she’s wearing a babydoll and set up an air mattress for your birthday? A tiny air mattress, at that. Even scaled, it seems like something more appropriate for a pet… oh. OH. Goddammit.

figma Archer/Altria Pendragon (Fate Grand/Order)
Max Factory, November, ¥5,500 (Exclusive)

Zigg: GSC’s WonFes exclusives have gradually become less and less essential over the years especially since they’ve started making them available to all via the web store (for the record, this is a move I highly approve of). About the only notable thing about this one is the delightful figma-scale Super Soaker generic non-branded water gun, which would be delightful combined with any number of other figures. Aside from that, all I’ll say is that Fate might be the only franchise that actually exceeds its toyline in issuing redeco’d characters.

Aqua: Any swimsuit figure of Saber just comes across as intrinsically out-of-character to me, but I kind of dig the sheer audacity of slapping a super soaker onto her and making that makes her an Archer class all of a sudden. Nevertheless, five thousand yen is an outrageous price for a figma, especially if you consider the fact that they barely had to sculpt any clothes. Joints on bare skin are usually a necessary evil, but in this case, I don’t see them being particularly necessary either.

Iro: Yep we’ve sure reached a point of Fate saturation and Grand Order pandering that this has to be labelled as “Archer-class” even though it’s plainly just another swimsuit Saber. This is about as boring as this stuff gets, honestly, but I suppose Saber still prints money.

Nendoroid Yuri Katsuki: Free Skating Ver. (Yuri On Ice!)
Good Smile Company, November, ¥4,500 (Exclusive)

Zigg: As noted above, palette swaps are basically par for the course for WonFes exclusives at this point, so it’s difficult to get too worked up about this. having said that it’s still a lovely figure, and an additional male Nendoroid which I’m always in favour of. perhaps my favourite part are the two supplied accessories – a gigantic doughnut rice ball and a super adorable Makkachin tissue box replica. One for completists only, but undeniably charming.

Aqua: This is a lovely Nendoroid of everyone’s favourite sex pork cutlet bowl, though I get the feeling a regular off-the-rink Yuri would allow for even more goofy accessories and facial expressions. It’s kind of a bummer, then, that this version comes with extra poses for the Victor Nendoroid instead of some parts to make the actual thing you’re buying look a bit more flamboyant. This is still figure skating we’re talking about, right? Where’re the leg parts for his triple axel? Where’s the split?

Iro: All you need to know is that this comes with a Nendoroid-sized Makkachin tissue box case.

Soul of Chogokin GX-70D Mazinger Z Damaged ver. (Mazinger Z)
Bandai, November, ¥15,500 (Exclusive)

Zigg: This is one of those super niche variants that must have an incredibly tiny marketplace, but I’m very glad exists. The detailing on the damage is fabulous and way more than the standard paint-job do over you’d expect for a variant figure like this. The net result is incredibly striking, and while I can’t really advocate buying this version alone it’d look pretty great in a Mazinger lineup…

Aqua: Okay, yeah, sure… But… Why? I man, why would you get this when you can get an actual, fully functional Mazinger for way less money?

Iro: This is such a weirdly specific one-off, but Mazinger is one of the classics and I’m sure there’s an audience for this somewhere. The detailing is what you’d expect from the line, and I particularly like the busted wing, but this is still a 15,000 yen figure. Anyone seeing this probably knows if they want it or not.

3 thoughts on “All Your Monies: June 28th 2017

  1. I’m just so pleased with how lovely Yuuri’s nendos look I don’t mind if it’s a “cheap” repaint. At least they had to sculpt a new costume for the top, since this one is very different from the Eros one, and I think they captured the details perfectly. Of course, the fact they chose the pose he uses at the end of his program (in which he points at Victor) was the final nail in the coffin for me. I honestly didn’t expect to get a second Yuuri announced so soon (first one hasn’t even been released), and certainly not a full nendo, I thought they’d make him a Co-De but I’m also very happy about the accessories (the Makkachin tissue box is adorable), both faceplates look good and since I’m already getting the first Yuuri and Victor, the extra parts are all well-received for more variety. I’m also extremely glad the GSC exclusives are now widely available because I’d kill someone if I couldn’t get him

    • Yeah one of the best things GSC every did was making the ‘con exclusive’ stuff available to everyone if they were willing to wait a bit. i wish Bandai would do the same, I’ve lost count of the amount of cool P-Bandai stuff I’d lay out for.

      • The only people who benefit from premium exclusives are resellers because they get to sell those figures twice or more their original price. This encourages resellers to hoarde the items and is ultimately in detriment of people who genuinely want them. GSC definitely made the right choice giving them wide availability, I’d rather wait 4 months than pay up to 20K yen for a Nendo

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