The Roundup: Summer 2017 Volume 6

In this week’s installment…

Rage of Bahamut returns from its two week break just in time to drag down what is otherwise a really solid week of Roundup shows. Good thing I “lave” GAMERS! so much, I’d be a lot more mad about it otherwise.

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Episode 6

Thursdays 11:30 am EST on Crunchyroll

Jel: I was worried with all the buildup to Keita and Karen’s meeting that things would just go back to status quo and yet once again GAMERS! defies expectations. I don’t think I’ve been able to say “aaand that’s how they accidentally started dating” since the glorious Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun so I’m glad I got my chance this week. Between those two dorks and Tasaku and Aguri, is the entire show going to be about two sham couples that actually love each other? I’m cool with that, but does Keita even like Karen or does he just think he’s supposed to? Is Tasaku right in thinking he really belongs with Chiaki? THE PLOT THICKENS.


Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul
Episode 18: “Invictus”

Fridays 10:35 am EST on Amazon Anime Strike

Jel: I think the two weeks off made me forget just how bad Virgin Soul has gotten. Watching Azazel tear up when discovering NIna can control her dragon powers might have been the lowest point yet. I guess in a bubble it wasn’t that bad, but the broad, overdramatic writing is just too much to bear at this point. Also, why do we even care about Kaisar’s subordinates? They have way too much screen time and I hope the kid gets a sword to the gut before this whole thing is over. This series deserves better, Nina deserves better, we deserve better.

Rage of Bahamut – Not even token Favaro faces can save us now


Welcome to the Ballroom
Episode 7: “The Tenpei Cup”

Saturdays or whenever they decide to air it on Amazon Anime Strike

Gee: The Tenpei Cup kicks off this week with Tatara’s debut, and all the stumbles and rough edges that come with it. There’s a really good sports story message to be told in this week’s episode about the nature of following the basics versus going for something flashy. To attempt the latter without displaying mastery of the former is naively amateurish at best, dangerously arrogant at worst. Additionally, I’m glad we finally got to see Hanaoka’s own competitiveness this week. It’s a grounded take on standard sports tropes. Of course we’re going to root for our plucky underdogs, but if you have the audacity to challenge the veterans, you better be ready for the pushback. So many sports anime turn rivalries into extremely personal clashes of personal worth, but I think there’s something to be said for being in it for the purity of the competition itself.


Restaurant to Another World
Episode 8: “Hamburg Steak / Assorted Cookies”

Mondays 2:05 pm EST on Crunchyroll

Jel: I’m glad we got to check in on how Aletta is doing in the other world. A big part of the appeal of this show is that it’s conflict and drama free, sort of a nice comfy blanket to wrap ourselves in during these dark times. So to see things work out so well for her feels very satisfying, not to mention breaking up the formula we’ve been stuck with every episode. On a completely different note, I hate when mermaids have the magical ability to grow legs. It’s such a cop out! I would have liked to see a more creative take on that whole segment, but overall a pretty solid episode.

Sakura Quest – They wrote the caption for me!


Sakura Quest
Episode 21: “The Pixie In the Town of Ice”

Wednesdays 12:00 pm EST on Crunchyroll

Jel: ​​Having Erika around is fun because she’s what most anime characters usually are, and by comparison we get to see how different the cast of Sakura Quest really is. They may not have everything figured out but they sure look cool and mature compared to a bratty eighth grader. I also find Shiori’s bit of self doubt personally relatable. I’ve basically settled in my hometown despite most of my family and a lot of my friends leaving over the years and I’ve found myself asking some of those same questions. Once again, these are the kind of grown up issues I like to see discussed and Sakura Quest continues to deliver.


Episode 8: “Refusing Woman”

Licensed by Netflix (Release pending, please watch it there when it comes out)

Jel: I don’t know what this says about me, but this episode was so gloriously disgusting and over the top that I loved nearly every minute of it. Midari is the most ridiculous, outlandish cartoon character of them all which produces some great camp value, and that is probably Kakegurui’s strongest feature. So naturally, she makes for great episodes. The only negative is they had to stop every now and then to explain what was happening with the game which I pretty much tune out at this point. All we need to know is Yumeko scammed her way through again, and this show continues to the Quality Trash™ I desire every week.

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    • Yeah I wish I could write about GAMERS! earlier in the week instead of so close to the next episode but that is just how the scheduling goes sometimes with our weekly roundup. I am definitely looking forward to the hilarious awkwardness next episode.

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