Roll the GLORIO Gacha!

​Look, I got bills to pay and mobile games like Fate/Grand Order and Granblue Fantasy are all the rage these days, so from today forward we are changing formats: Welcome to The GLORIO Gacha!

​If you’d like to read one of our quality articles about anime, tokusatsu, or other Japanese media, you can draw one at random for the low cost of one (1) Yotsuba gem. When the full version of the game goes live, you will be able to earn one (1) Yotsuba gem for every 100 likes or comments OR you can purchase one (1) Yotsuba gem for the special introductory price of $2.99!

​To get everyone hopelessly addicted started we are offering unlimited FREE draws for today and today only. So roll the dice, spin the wheel, or pick whatever appropriate gambling metaphor you prefer and let us know what you get.

Draw Rates

★ – Episode recap, The Roundup
★★ – First Looks
★★★ – Regular Features (All Your Monies, Random Manga Theatre, The GLORIO Chat)
★★★★ – Seasonal Reviews (The Wrap-Up, OP/ED Op-Eds)
★★★★★ – Annual Reviews (The Top 10)

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