The GLORIO Chat Episode 20: Rollin’ Around In Gacha Hell

How did this happen? Jel and Gee confess their gacha game sins while Iro helps dunk on Fate/Grand Order.

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Opening Song: “Emotional literacy” by BRADIO

Show Notes

4:43 What are gacha games?

8:14 Rage of Bahamut and the rise of Cygames

My bad, maybe Favaro was in the Rage of Bahamut game.

16:06 The Puzzles and Dragons formula

23:20 The unfortunate implications of Kantai Collection

31:22 Granblue Fantasy gives away a lot of free stuff

We didn’t have time to get to it, but a “real” Granblue Fantasy game is being developed by Platinum Games.

49:21 Fate/Grand Order is stingy
(The major news outlet mentioned was The Wall Street Journal)

1:05:48 Fire Emblem Heroes was a thing

This is an actual screenshot from my iPad proving my gacha luck:

1:17:09 Girls Frontline was tailor made for Gee

1:34:29 Azure Lane is a Kantai Collection rip-off

And of course, the greatest gacha game of all: Roll the GLORIO gacha

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