First Look: Island

Visual Novel Adaptation by feel.
Streaming on Crunchyroll


A young man washes up on the beach of a mysterious island city. He only remembers a few things: he travelled through time to get there, there’s a girl he must protect to save the world, and to do so there’s someone he must kill.

Jel’s verdict: Cast It Away

From what I understand the visual novel this is based on is not an erogé, however the very thing we see is what appears to be the main character having sex with a little girl. It’s not explicit but that seems to the implication. On top of that, the main guy seems to have flashbacks or flash forwards to sexually charged situations with all the girls (who look even younger than the first) when he first meets them. There’s a decent chance that is all just misdirection, but regardless that alone made me uncomfortable watching this.

As for the bulk of the content, it kind of has that unnatural VN feel where most of the scenes are two characters talking and a lot of the dialogue is probably longer than it needs to be. You shouldn’t have to explain things as much in an anime since you can do at least some of the storytelling visually. Of course it’s all leading up to some kind of tragedy which I think I’ve already figured some of it out. The person the main guy has to kill to save Rinne is himself, right? Like he left that note for himself in the library and probably gave that tiny miko girl the butterfly knife to off him.

I almost want to keep watching to see if I’m right but it wouldn’t be worth it. Island is trying to mask the fact that it’s based on a game where you romance emotionally dependent little girls and bill itself as some kind of interesting supernatural mystery, but if you’ve seen any of these shows before it’s very easy to see the seams. I’m sure there are still people in 2018 who are interested in this kind of thing, but for everyone else I’d say avoid this one.

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