Changes Incoming!

As we’ve been wrapping up our First Looks and we’ve been planning how to handle our mid-season coverage for the Fall, I’ve decided we’re going to try a few changes:

  • The Roundup will be discontinued.
  • There will be more mid-season anime discussion episodes of the podcast and less topic episodes.
  • We will try to return to writing Final Thoughts posts for all shows.
  • I would like to write more editorial articles as time permits.

All of our other features like First Looks, The Wrap-Up, etc. will continue as usual. We’ll also have our tokusatsu coverage and maybe even some of the old style episodic coverage for certain shows. I’m keeping things flexible.

I don’t want to bore everyone with a lengthy explanation on how we came to these decisions, I’ll just say there are three questions I am asking myself when deciding what direction to go with our content:

  • What do we enjoy doing?
  • Is it sustainable with our current real life schedules?
  • Is anyone going to read/listen to/watch it?

I think these changes will better fit our current answers to these questions. If there’s any feedback on how we’re doing or what you’d like to see as we try things out, please let us know!

5 thoughts on “Changes Incoming!

  1. You know, if you guys wanted to start a Patreon (or something similar) to help support the site, I for one, would be happy to contribute to it. In fact, I would note that there’s longstanding wisdom among people who run consumer-focused events that attendance tends to be better when people are paying than when everything is free!

    • Thanks so much for the support. Patreon is something we have considered and that may happen eventually. We’ll keep everyone posted.

  2. Honestly, the Roundup and other episodic coverage are the main attractions for me. I don’t listen to the podcast at all.

    The podcast isn’t you, it’s me. I listen to no podcasts and watch few videos… I don’t have a commute or workout, so I have no “dead” time to fill. And, TBH, I haven’t yet found a podcast that doesn’t bore me to tears because it’s so slow compared to how fast I can read. (Ditto videos… Few are anything but inefficient text-to-speech converters.)

    • Really appreciate the feedback. I will say these changes are not intended to phase out written content in lieu of the podcast or other mediums, but more a practical necessity. We’re going to try this for now, but depending on how things go the Roundup may come back in some capacity in the future.

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