First Look: Bermuda Triangle ~ Colorful Pastrale

Anime Original by Seven Arcs
Streaming on HIDIVE


A group of small town girls make a new friend and make a discovery that may put them on the path to idol stardom. Also, they are all mermaids.

Jel’s verdict: I just want to know how you make tea and cake underwater

I do actually have some good things to say about this show. It’s completely harmless and has a level of simplicity that kind of makes it feel like a kids’ show. Not sure if that was the intention, but I’m fine with that. They also do a decent job using the premise to craft a colorful, charming underwater setting and the entire experience is very pleasant.​

That all said, this first episode was pretty boring. Most of the scenes involve the girls darting around town doing nothing significant, and it’s only at the very end we get a hint of something bigger going on. The fact that “something bigger” is most likely going to be turning a group of small town girls into idols does not make me want to continue watching. I think the ideal audience for Bermuda Triangle may be something like Aikatsu fans although even that might be giving the show too much credit. Probably safe to skip it unless any of that sounds really appealing to you.​

Euri’s verdict: Based on a card game, supported by a gacha game

Interestingly, the opening theme to this show is performed by Pastel✽Palettes, one of the five anime-but-not-really bands from the Bang Dream franchise. Not my kind of music personally (Roselia for life and all that) but I did find it kinda fascinating that it took the top billing on the show, over the song used for the ending which is performed by the show’s cast.

But yeah, not bad for a Cardfight!! Vanguard spin-off, I guess?

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