The GLORIO Chat Episode 33: Spring 2019 Anime Preview

Jel, Iro, Gee, and Marlin attempt to preview the new anime season without going off on too many tangents. We failed.

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Opening Song: “Emotional literacy” by BRADIO

Show Notes

2:47 Gee is very excited about the upcoming No Guns Life anime, which is not happening this season

7:18 There’s a lot of game and visual novel adaptations this season


Returning Series:

10:40 Is One Punch Man the safest bet of the season?

18:20 What is Fruits Basket and why did I always see it in the Anime DVD section?

25:28 Gundam the Origin TV series recut gives Gee and Iro a reason to complain about Gundam again


New Series:

32:58 YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of this World leaves me with some choice words for studio feel

41:39 Demon Slayer: ufotable does Shonen Jump

45:23 Is Fairy Gone the next Sirius the Jaeger (probably not)

50:12 RobiHachi is a weird looking original show directed by Shinji Takamatsu

55:26 Senko the Always-Helpful Fox continues Dogakobo’s bad streak

59:03 Carole & Tuesday look pretty good

1:08:19 There’s a new anime based on Osamu Tezuka’s Phoenix that may also be a commercial for a hot springs inn

1:12:25 It’s time for Ikuhara to save anime again with Sarazanmai

1:22:33 Or maybe Promare will save anime

4 thoughts on “The GLORIO Chat Episode 33: Spring 2019 Anime Preview

  1. Man, what happened to turn us all against Yuri Kuma Arashi? That was a perfectly fine show with a compelling narrative, interesting themes and more creativity in its proverbial pinky finger than most anime have in their entire bodies.

    Sure, it had its issues, but to speak of it like it’s some kind of embarrassing blemish on Ikuhara’s otherwise spotless record seems like far too harsh a judgement.

    Also, can you really say the guy fails more often than he succeeds when two out of the three shows he’s directed so far have been bona fide classics?

    • Yurikuma was fine, and I kind of have mixed feelings about Utena, We’ll have to get you on for the first look episode

  2. I saw some of the Japanese PROMARE marketing material today; it had プロメア written on top of the romanised title, so I suspect that the “mare” is pronounced as the word for female horse rather than the Latin for sea.

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