Neon Genesis EvanGLORIO Episode 7: Misato Katsuragi’s Underground

In our newest podcast series, Jel, Iro, and Gee watch and discuss the iconic 1995 sci-fi mecha classic, Neon Genesis Evangelion. Join us and watch along before the upcoming Netflix release.

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Opening Music: “Good, or Don’t Be” – Neon Genesis Evangelion OST III
Closing Music: “Next Episode” – Neon Genesis Evangelion OST I

Show Notes


3:56 Episode 20: “Of the shape of hearts and humans” or “Weaving a Story 2: Oral Stage:

  • Oh no, the Evangelion has an S2 Engine!
  • Shinji has turned into soup
  • The girls are not doing well either
  • Inside Shinji’s mind, again
  • A month goes by
  • The salvage operation
  • Misato and Kaji finally get it on

23:08 Episode 21: “The Birth of NERV” or “He was aware that he was still a child”

  • Director’s cut cold opens
  • Fuyutsuki abducted
  • Going to “SOUND ONLY”
  • Flashback to 1999
  • Meeting Yui Ikari
  • Meeting Gendo Rokubungi
  • Year by year recap
  • Recruiting Fuyutusuki
  • Trip to Antarctica
  • Meeting Dr. Akagi and creating the Magi
  • Misato and Ritsuko: The College Years
  • Yui’s final moments
  • The beginning of human instrumentality
  • Ritsuko joins Gehirn in time to see her mom kissing Gendo
  • Baby Rei and Dr. Akagi
  • The birth of NERV
  • Kaji’s final moments
  • Shinji was aware that he was still a child

59:38 Episode 22: “Staying Human” or “Don’t Be”

  • Asuka and Kaji
  • Meeting Asuka’s mother
  • Rei and Unit 00 are top priority now
  • Evangelions enter mass production
  • Unhappy home life
  • Asuka freaks out in the bathroom
  • Testing isn’t going great either
  • The Elevator Scene
  • Talking to Unit 02
  • The Fifteenth Angel, Arael
  • Asuka’s final chance
  • The big sniper rifle is back
  • Inside Asuka’s mind
  • The real Asuka
  • Rei, get the lance

1:43:51 Episode 23: “Tears” or “Rei III”

  • Misato still listening to the message
  • Asuka numbing the pain with Sega Saturn
  • Even Ritsuko’s Grandma’s cat died
  • SEELE is not happy about the lance
  • The Sixteenth Angel, Armisael
  • OK now this is Asuka’s last chance
  • Inside Rei’s mind again
  • Unit 01 is back
  • Rei’s final moments
  • Only one angel left
  • Even Pen Pen is sad
  • Rei “survived”
  • Sacrificing Ritsuko instead of Rei
  • The capsule
  • What else does NERV have in the basement?
  • In case we didn’t figure it out, the Evangelions are human
  • Even Ritsuko loses it
  • Storyboard preview!

2:17:38 Final thoughts on this block of episodes and going into the end of the TV series

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