Neon Genesis EvanGLORIO Episode 8: Bluff Aesthetics

In our newest podcast series, Jel, Iro, and Gee watch and discuss the iconic 1995 sci-fi mecha classic, Neon Genesis Evangelion. Join us and watch along before the upcoming Netflix release.

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Opening Music: “Good, or Don’t Be” – Neon Genesis Evangelion OST III
Closing Music: “Next Episode” – Neon Genesis Evangelion OST I

Show Notes

1:30 Episode 24: “The Beginning of the End” or “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”

  • Asuka is not doing well
  • Shinji wonders about Rei and his mother
  • Ritsuko in custody
  • Shinji is alone again
  • The Fifth Child, Kaworu Nagisa
  • Glasses Guy making himself useful
  • The new pilot of Unit 02
  • Kaworu’s totally not ominous conversation with Rei
  • Shinji and Kaworu hit it off
  • SEELE has had enough of Gendo, really they mean it this time
  • Farewell, Pen Pen
  • The Sleepover
  • Misato Katsuragi, Super Spy
  • The Seventeenth Angel, Tabris
  • Shinji is pissed
  • The real AT field was inside us all along
  • Misato’s backup plan
  • Finding Lilith
  • Kaworu’s final moments
  • Shinji and Misato, one last time
  • NOTES: The Two Endings

1:02:50 Episode 25: “Do You Love Me?”

  • The Folding Chair
  • Rei calls out Shinji for killing Kaworu
  • Why does Shinji pilot the Eva?
  • Rei calls out Asuka, who is now floating underwater
  • Why does Asuka pilot the Eva?
  • Rei calls out… herself???
  • Gendo arrives to start instrumentality
  • Ritsuko and Misato’s fate
  • Misato’s turn in the chair
  • Everyone can see everything
  • Asuka back in the chair
  • The truth about Asuka’s step mom
  • Asuka’s real voice again
  • Apparently Shinji chose this
  • We’ve resorted to showing the script in the preview

1:16:37 Episode 26 “Take Care of Yourself”

  • Instrumentality completes us all!
  • Deep dive on Shinji again
  • We’ve now resorted to random black and white photos
  • Maybe Shinji and Asuka aren’t that different
  • And now we’ve gone to marker sketches
  • Take care of yourself, because the world keeps changing
  • The world of nothing
  • Shinji enters the harem anime he deserves
  • Gendo’s newspaper
  • Showing the script is both sad and brilliant
  • I’m me. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • Congratulations

1:29:50 How much of the ending was planned versus how much was scrambling to finish?

1:44:20 The two halves of Evangelion and why they’re both important

1:55:55 Iro and Jel’s thoughts rewatching the TV series in 2019

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