Neon Genesis EvanGLORIO Episode 9: The End of EvanGLORIO

In our final episode, we talk about The End of Evangelion movie and our thoughts on the series as a whole.

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Opening and Closing Music: “Good, or Don’t Be” – Neon Genesis Evangelion OST III
Break Music: “Komm, süsser Tod” – The End of Evangelion OST

Show Notes

3:19 End of Evangelion Episode 25: “Air”

  • At the hospital
  • “That” scene
  • Misato and SEELE explain instrumentality
  • SEELE makes their move
  • Ritsuko and Misato get back to work
  • The real enemy is man
  • Where are the pilots?
  • Central Dogma is breached
  • Finding Shinji
  • SEELE just nukes the place
  • Asuka wakes up and punches a missile
  • Shinji just sits there
  • The Mass Production Series
  • Misato’s final moments
  • Asuka’s last stand
  • Ritsuko’s final moments
  • Asuka runs out of time
  • Unit 01 wakes up a little too late
  • Intermission

1:11:38 End of Evangelion Episode 26: “Sincerely Yours” or “I Need You”

  • Gendo attempts to merge Adam with Rei
  • Let’s get this apocalypse started
  • Rei rejects Gendo and Adam for Lilith
  • Giant Naked Rei
  • Kaworu is here to pierce your S2 engine
  • It’s all up to Shinji now
  • Baby Shinji plays in the sand for like 10 minutes
  • Everybody is seeing everything
  • Asuka kicks Shinji’s ass
  • Let’s throw in some crayon drawings
  • The NERV crew turns into Tang®
  • Gendo’s final moments
  • And then everyone died
  • Sex metaphors
  • Mandatory artsy live action sequence
  • A preview of instrumentality
  • Shinji’s choice
  • The final scene

1:43:32 Final thoughts on the End of Evangelion movie

The End of EvanGLORIO

1:52:50 What did Gee know or not know going into this?

2:02:56 Overall thoughts on the entire series

2:51:46 The legacy question – why was the series so successful and why do people still talk about Evangelion in 2019? Will we still be talking about it in 20 more years?

3:23:16 Parting words

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