GLORIO’s King of the Kaiju Episode 5: Yongary, Monster from the Deep

Giant monsters are fucking rad, that’s an undeniable fact. But there are hundreds of kaiju films that have spawned out of Japan and the rest of the world, and we desperately needed a flimsy excuse to watch more of them. So join myself and colons each month as we take a look at different kaiju films, from the famous to the obscure, as we work out which ones are worth your time, and who truly is the king of the monsters.

For episode five, we’re watching Yongary, Monster from the Deep! This South Korean monster movie was released in 1967 to rival the mighty Godzilla, unless of course you’re German and you’ve come to believe this is some kind of bizarre spin-off. If you want to watch the film before listening to the podcast, you can do so here via

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Opening music: “EM20_Jerry_GZM” – Shin Godzilla Original Soundtrack
Ranking sound clip: “Main Title” from Ghidorah, the Three-Headed MonsterShin Godzilla Original Soundtrack
Closing music: “Badman Riddim (Jump)” – Vato Gonzalez ft Foreign Beggars

Show Notes

Yongary, Monster from the Deep (1967)

Directed by Kim Ki-duk
Produced by Keukdong Entertainment Company
Runtime: 80 minutes

Oh Yeong-il as Il-Woo (Illo in the English dub)
Kwang Ho Lee as Yoo Young (Icho in the English dub)
Nam Jeong-im as Yoo Soon-a
Lee Sun-jae as Yoo Kwang-nam
Moon Kang as Kim Yu-ri
Cho Kyoung-min as Yongary

2:07 Introducing our Show and Tell segment with Elton Godzilla, who is totally eligible for ranking imo

4:48 Oh no we spoke far too much about Gigantamax Pokemon because they’re totally kaiju

8:37 Some hot follow up to episode four, Space Amoeba, with thanks to dedicated listener Tachibana Kanade

15:40 Time for a bumper edition of fun facts!

17:45 The partial South Korean version of Yongary is available for your viewing pleasure on YouTube

22:00 The suit costing $5000 appears to be how much it would have cost in 1967, but this was mentioned on the audio commentary for a US-only Blu-Ray release so I have no way of confirming that!

25:13 The film kicks off by a wedding at a space port, between two characters who really aren’t very important. Also there’s an itching gun.

32:18 Sending a minor character into space to look at a possible nuclear test in the Middle East

38:55 Possibly the most bizarre human death in any of the movies we’ve seen so far

45:26 Our first shot of Yongary versus the military. Yongary is super not bothered about it all, also there are people dancing to surf rock

54:00 Yongary makes a political statement by trashing a controversial Japanese-owned building

58:13 The film has an annoying habit of not explaining things


1:10:31 Yongary and Icho have a dance party and I’m not even making a joke

1:15:13 Yongary had a power they were hiding, and it’s being horny as heck

1:17:39 I’m pretty sure we just saw the suit actor suffer terrible burns

1:19:22 Yongary’s death is incredibly graphic and that sure came out of nowhere

1:22:04 Final thoughts on Yongary, Monster from the Deep

1:28:43 It’s colons’ cunnle cor- dammit

1:34:49 Adding Yongary to the official GLORIO’s King of the Kaiju monster ranking

1:42:23 Wrapping up the episode, and a brief mention of next month’s kaiju film

Ranking Monster Film Date Added Ep
1 Gamera Gamera, The Giant Monster June 2019 1
2 King Ghidorah Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster August 2019 3
3 Godzilla Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster August 2019 3
4 Yongary Yongary, Monster from the Deep October 2019 5
5 Kamoebas Space Amoeba September 2019 4
6 Rodan Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster August 2019 3
7 Rodan Rodan July 2019 2
8 Gezora Space Amoeba September 2019 4
9 Ganimes Space Amoeba September 2019 4
10 Mothra Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster August 2019 3
11 Meganulon Rodan July 2019 2


Thanks for tuning in! Let us know your thoughts below, and consider preparing for November’s episode by watching the next film on our list; Rebirth of Mothra. See you in episode six!

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