The GLORIO Chat Episode 56: Spring 2020 Anime Preview

The crew looks at the notable, for better or worse, anime coming up next season.

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Opening Song: “Emotional literacy” by BRADIO

Show Notes

Notable Returning Shows:

3:49 Kaguya-sama Love is War season 2, which hopefully makes better choices for their OP this time.

9:56 No Guns Life season 2

14:26 Gundam Build Divers Re:Rise season 2

21:32 Digimon Adventure reboot


Video game Adaptations:

26:58 Sakura Wars

31:58 Princess Connect! Re:Dive

34:01 Shadowverse


38:14 Tower of God and the launch of Crunchyroll Originals


Other shows that caught our attention:

46:17 BNA: Brand New Animal

54:19 Listeners


1:05:48 Sing “Yesterday” For Me

1:10:42 Wave, Listen to Me!

1:16:38 Kakushigoto

Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei had some good OP music

1:20:56 Gleipnir

1:24:56 Arte

1:30:21 My Next Life as a Villainess – All Routes Lead to Doom

1:37:44 Machine Sentai Kiramager


1:41:37 What is your pick for worst of the season?

1:44:02 What are you most looking forward to?

One thought on “The GLORIO Chat Episode 56: Spring 2020 Anime Preview

  1. From the preview of kaguya-san it will skip over some filler chapter like Season 1 and focus in the good stuff. It’s a shame but understandable.
    I have some issues about Digimon reboot, more specifically how they chance some characters personality base on the info that got leak. The worst in my opinion is Gomamon since the new series planned to change his gender and along with it his personality. Gomamon being complete opposite with Jou in the OG make they standout from the rest since Gomamon is the only Digimon that not a yes-man to his Digidestined. The new version is a girl taht want to be a perfect housewife for Jou.
    My Next Life as a Villainess – All Routes Lead to Doom ( Bakarina for short since the MC name is Katarina and she pretty dense) is quite fun, mostly because of the MC. But i don’t think it and most series that follow it foot steps are good representative of Otome games since the ideas of a villainess not a things in most Otome, it’s more a fairy tales or soap opera things.

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