The GLORIO Chat Episode 61: What’s Up with Trigger?

After our usual anime recap, we take a deep, deep dive into BNA: Brand New Animal and the current state of Trigger.

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Opening Song: “Emotional literacy” by┬áBRADIO

Show Notes

2:28 A few words on the passing of Zac Bertschy

6:56 Kakushigoto

    • Episode 7: “Inuhoshiki: Dog Wanted / The One Who Connects Mother and Child”
    • Episode 8: “Our Rough Draft / Unfortunate Memories Club”

14:56 Kaguya-sama Love is War

  • Episode 6: The one with the election
  • Episode 7: The one with Shoujo Vision

26:20 Gal and Dino

    • Episode 7: “I’m Worried About You & Guy Talk”
    • Episode 8 postponed

31:36 Listeners

  • Episode 7: “Day of Rage / Problems”
  • Episode 8: “Real Me / The Real Me”

36:09 Sakura Wars The Animation

  • Episode 7: “Stealth Mission! Tail the Date!”
  • Episode 8: “Real Me / The Real Me”

44:22 Sing “Yesterday” For Me

  • Episode 7: “Premonition of a Couple”
  • Episode 8: “Innocent Blue”

53:02 Wave, Listen to Me!

  • Episode 7: “I Want to Cry”
  • Episode 8: “I Can’t Tell You Over the Phone”

1:06:41 The BNA, Promare, and Trigger Discourse Power Hour

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