The GLORIO Chat Episode 86: Eighty Six: 86: Eighty Six

episode 86 header

We’re back from a week off to rave about how good anime is this season… just not 86: Eighty Six.

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Show Notes

4:06 Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song


36:25 Super Cub

44:30 86: Eighty Six

52:48 Pretty Boy Detective Club

59:06 Odd Taxi

1:10:08 To Your Eternity

1:17:08 Godzilla: Singular Point

1:26:47 SSSS.Dynazenon

One thought on “The GLORIO Chat Episode 86: Eighty Six: 86: Eighty Six

  1. My extra favorite part in 86 was when they kind of shamed the character who did the “fuck you and your privilege” speech about his tone. It’s like “yes, we understand why you were angry, but you didn’t have to be *rude*, that person you admire wouldn’t have been rude” and so on. Because hey now, she may have been making the death of their comrade all about her and her feelings, but aw shucks, she meant well! Also, when they go low we go high, just be the better person blah blah blah.

    And then that uplifting tone of the scene where she asks their names and they tell her and there’s the implication that OK they respect her now. I mean wow, she’s shown that she’s committed to the bare minimum of treating them like humans instead of her morality pets, that is certainly deserving of respect.

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