The GLORIO Chat Episode 94: A Coup D’Etat is in Order

episode 94 header

In Jel’s absence, the crew chats about this season’s usual anime lineup and sneaks in some Kamen Rider talk.

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Show Notes

  • Intro
  • To Your Eternity finale, season 2 announced
  • Fena Pirate Princess reveals its Jeanne D’Arc angle
  • d_cide traumerei decides it’s out of sympathy for the victims of the week
  • Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S is still here, plus Naoko Yamada’s departure from Kyoto Animation
  • Aquatope on the White Sand keeps doing its thing
  • Sonny Boy gets even weirder
  • Getter Robo Arc forgot it had mute on this entire time, Armageddon revs up
  • My Hero Academia and the millennial hulk
  • Kamen Rider Revice since Jel isn’t here to stop it
  • Backlog Shows
    • Ninja Slayer has an Amemiya-style emotional side story and then he fights comical commies
    • Thunderbolt Fantasy has its second-act breakup and also RIP SPK


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