The GLORIO Chat Episode 108: Spring 2022 Anime First Impressions

episode 108 header

We give our first impressions of the Spring 2022 season, which seems to be full of light hearted comedies and slice of life series. No complaints here!

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Show Notes

Notable returning shows

5:17 Kaguya-sama: Love is War -Ultra Romantic-

14:28 Tiger & Bunny 2

New Shows (or manga)

30:55 Gee just finished reading Tatsuki Fujimoto’s new one-shot, Goodbye Eri

37:19 Birdie Wing – Golf Girls’ Story

50:51 Aharen-san Is Indecipherable

57:12 Black Rock Shooter: DAWN FALL

1:13:05 Ya Boy Kongming!

1:24:02 Deaimon: Recipe for Happiness

1:32:13 Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie!

1:39:06 In the Heart of Kunoichi Tsubaki

1:43:25 Love After World Domination

1:49:28 Spy x Family

5 thoughts on “The GLORIO Chat Episode 108: Spring 2022 Anime First Impressions

  1. Oh man… I wasn’t planning to check out Ya Boy Kongming, at least not the anime, because over these past years I’ve never been impressed by PAW’s attempts at breaking out of their comfort zone, also I’m sick and tired of their brand of “cute anime girl” designs where every female character looks sameface and kind of infantile, complete with that really annoying permablush. But as a Hungarian, self-hating as I am, now I feel compelled to watch at least the OP… I’m not patriotic whatsoever, but it’s kind of refreshing to see my country being referenced in a way that is not related to our slide into fascist autocracy and our Dear Leader simping Vladimir Putin. (Also, wow, someone actually *liked* that song?)

    I do hope you’re going to check in with Dance Dance Danseur. I think a lot of people expect it to be something it isn’t – a sports show but with ballet! a romance! fujobait! (bleh, that word) – and that’s probably going to cause some disappointment. But it’s a good manga, and if the anime doesn’t mess up adapting it it’s going to be a pretty good show.

    • I did check out Dance Dance Danseur after we recorded, and we wrote a bit about it. I thought it was pretty good but it did seem like a standard sports anime setup. I might give it another episode or two.

      • Oh sure, I’ve seen the post about it, I just wanted to drop a note here since it didn’t get in among the reviewed shows on the podcast. DDD is not a sports story, really, it’s more along the lines of the “young person finds their calling in life” genre, and a pretty good one at that, fairly cleverly written as well, especially once it pushes beyond its setup… although the anime may end up burning through most of that, I don’t know how many episodes it’ll have.

    • I visited Budapest a few years back – glorious city, lovely people. I hope things get better for you guys out there in the years ahead.

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