The GLORIO Chat Episode 124: Podcast of Lordly Caliber

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We chat about hot “new” video game releases Tactics Ogre Reborn and Pokemon Scarlet/Violet, and share our thoughts about the excellent Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.

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Show Notes

2:28 Glorio Blog Gaming no Korner: Tactics Ogre Reborn, Pokemon Scarlet/Violet

30:04 Final thoughts on Cyberpunk: Edgerunners


47:37 Spy x Family part 2

51:00 Mob Psycho 100 season 3

58:15 Pop Team Epic season 2

1:03:45 Akiba Maid War

1:14:59 Bocchi the Rock

1:24:23 Chainsaw Man

1:34:38 No Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury but we still talk about it somehow

stardust memory

2 thoughts on “The GLORIO Chat Episode 124: Podcast of Lordly Caliber

  1. There was actually a sort-of episode for G-Witch during the hiatus, it was a recap narrated by Guel’s seiyuu. The seiyuu for the two main girls appeared in a talk show that aired after or around the recap. Anyway, no spoilers for last week’s episode (though you’ve probably seen it already), but if you want dancing mech, I suggest checking out Infinite Ryvius from way back. In that show a bunch of kids find a giant robot, and once they get over the initial “lol wtf a human shaped giant robot” reaction and figure out how to operate it, one of the first things they do is make a “who does cooler poses with the robot” contest. (It’s only a few frames, though. It’s a good show though so it’s worth watching.)

    • The other guys mentioned the recap episode, I didn’t personally see it since it wasn’t on crunchyroll. We did see the new episode and while I was disappointed at the lack of dancing robots, it was still pretty good. I’m sure we’ll have plenty to say next time

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