The GLORIO Chat Episode 126: Endless Love

episode 126 header

In our final episode of 2022, we make our final predictions for currently airing shows and even fit in a few previews for next season.

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Show Notes

3:13 Artemis hate drops To Your Eternity

10:28 DIY update


17:07 Spy x Family part 2

26:51 Bocchi the Rock

37:00 Chainsaw Man

51:52 Mob Psycho 100 season 3

1:00:10 Pop Team Epic season 2

1:10:13 Akiba Maid War

1:22:20 Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury


1:41:33 Vinland Saga season 2

1:43:37 Trigun Stampede

1:47:45 Nier Automata Ver. 1.1a

2 thoughts on “The GLORIO Chat Episode 126: Endless Love

  1. As someone who also hasn’t read the Chainsaw Man manga, I’d just like to testify that I wasn’t enjoying it either, and I even dropped it way back. Granted, I’m sure part of it was a backlash to the immense hype around it, and people pushing it on me, but also it’s just kind of weirdly off somehow. Like, you can tell that the director read the manga and went “okay, fine, but LISTEN TO MY SONG!!!” and his song is like Bob Geldolf where the manga is probably closer to Motörhead or something. It kind of feels like the Rurouni Kenshin OVAs (which are universally beloved and the reason people who love it often give is that they’re not “full of stupid jokes” like the manga).

    Re: video game adaptations, I’m not a gamer so I’m not an expert on this, but one that I enjoyed is Gungrave, that managed to take the game’s backstory and turn it into this classic mob drama with all the mob drama tropes, but also a lot of heart and poignancy, enough to keep me invested even when the second half remembered that they were supposed to be adapting a video game. It has one of those endings where I know it’s supposed to be cheesy but I’m just sitting there blubbering. (By the way, it was written by the same guy who also worked on Birdie Wing and the first Trigun anime, Kuroda Takeshi.)

    • If I had been paying attention to who wrote Birdie Wing before it aired, I probably would not have been as surprised it turned out the way it did. I’m still expecting a story to come out that he wrote it on a dare, like someone said “I’ll bet you can’t write a good golf anime” or something and he took them up on it.

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