Macross Delta Episode 6

Freyja and Hayate bristle under their respective authorities as they continue their training. Not even Mirage escapes criticism as she has to deal with expectations of her lineage. They must put that aside as Delta Squadron heads into battle, and with lives on the line they need to be sure they know what they’re fighting for.

Macross Delta Episode 5

With Windmere’s declaration of war, Delta’s contract has changed to include helping defend Ragna, essentially declaring war themselves. All eyes are on Freyja as she decides if she will turn against her planet, even as some accuse her of being a spy. Hayate must also decide if he wants to continue to fight now that real combat is on the horizon.

Macross Delta Episode 4

Walkure performs a pre-emptive concert to prevent a Vars outbreak. Things are going well enough for Freyja and Hayate in their performance debut, but it’s only a matter of time before the spectacle draws the attention of their mysterious enemy.

Macross Delta Episode 3

Freyja and Hayate begin their training regimes but are struggling to deal with their new structured environment. Mirage is charged with Hayate’s training and is incredibly frustrated by his lack of respect, leading her to challenge him to a dog fight as his final exam.

Macross Delta Episode 2

Freyja and Hayate arrive on Ragna in time (sort of) for the audition. They have caught the attention of Walkure and Delta squadron respectively after their actions in the previous battle, but both still have plenty to prove.