Macross Delta Episode 3


“A Stormy Dogfight”

Sundays in Japan only because this will NEVER BE LICENSED

Freyja and Hayate begin their training regimes but are struggling to deal with their new structured environment. Mirage is charged with Hayate’s training and is incredibly frustrated by his lack of respect, leading her to challenge him to a dog fight as his final exam.

Jel’s thoughts

Is it wrong that I cheered when Messer shot up Hayate at the end of his test? I consider myself a creative and imaginative person, but I also appreciate the value of structure and discipline. Naive, literal head in the clouds dreamers like Hayate and Freyja can get on my nerves pretty quickly. I get that Mirage also needs to balance out her attitude, but I think Hayate needed it way more. He was able to skip out on his responsibilities and completely disrespect Mirage with no consequences, and that made me pretty angry for most of the episode. That said, I am enjoying the tropical atmosphere of Ragna and the overall dynamic of this weird, non-military group is kind of interesting. Here’s the breakdown:


Love Triangle:
The seeds have been planted and I did not see anything this week to sway me from my prediction that this will go very similar to the orignal SDF Macross. I guess I could see some subtle differences, like Freyja having the innocent school girl crush on Hayate instead of the other way around. But beyond that I think it’s pretty clear what’s going on here. Hayate and Mirage’s character growth is completely tied to each other. Unless the show decides to declare a draw, my money is staying on her winning the triangle.

Pop Music:
Let’s be honest, this section is basically going to be me asking “is the new song as good as Ikenai Borderline” then answering “no”. Freyja’s song was nice to listen to but somewhat forgettable, which is probably how I would describle all the other songs I’ve heard so far. None of them have had anything near the giant hook and tight verse/chorus/verse structure of their one big hit. As far as how things are going on the idol front, I would like to mention I love that Mikumo seems to be this campy, dramatic weirdo whenever she is in character, and the fact that she seems to stay in character all the time. She is the actual Best Girl in this series.


Streaming Missiles:
Technically we did have a dog fight, but does paintball really count? They did get in some more shameless nostalgia bait by carting out the old VF-1’s for training, which makes no practical sense to me. Looking ahead, we are long overdue for more info on the creepy wind kingdom people, particularly after their ominous post ED appearance. We had an episode for recruitment, an episode for training, and now it seems we’ll be due for a “first battle” episode next week. The Mikumo Death Watch starts now!

4 thoughts on “Macross Delta Episode 3

    • I guess the ones they actually fly? I mean they make a big deal out of them having auto pilot anyway so that would seem to make more sense to me. It’s not really important, just something I thought while watching.

      • I think it’s fairly standard practice to use other/older planes for trianing. The navy still uses the T-45 Goshawk which was developed in the 70s. Wouldn’t want a trainee crashing a perfectly good combat fighter.

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