Macross Delta Episode 6


“Decision Overload”

Sundays in Japan only because this will NEVER BE LICENSED

Freyja and Hayate bristle under their respective authorities as they continue their training. Not even Mirage escapes criticism as she has to deal with expectations of her lineage. They must put that aside as Delta Squadron heads into battle, and with lives on the line they need to be sure they know what they’re fighting for.

Jel’s thoughts

In case we hadn’t noticed that Freyja and Hayate’s career paths are running parallel to each other, this episode really hammers that home. It’s a little annoying as the first half of the episode has a lot of them parroting their frustration back and forth. I’m hoping we don’t stay gridlocked like that for too long as there’s really no reason to have two characters go through the same development arc at the same time. Fortunately I don’t think we will in the long run, as Hayate’s relationship with Mirage will probably take him different places. As for our three topics…


Love Triangle
All this talk of what are you singing/fighting for is of course going to imply love. It was particularly notable this week with Freyja stalking Hayate and Mirage as they talked about the battle. Being motivated by a dumb teenage crush would certainly be believable for her character, as much I’d like to give her more credit than that. That said, Mirage wins this round as she actually got to have a real conversation with Hayate and he didn’t act like a jerk. I guess that’s progress?

Pop Music
Sorry for repeating myself every week, but the music pattern continues. The new song was OK, an appropriately rousing number for a fight scene, but again I can barely remember it after it ended. My brain was yelling THIS IS DUMB as they were projecting the various Walkure members faces on the moons/asteroids/whatever, and yet again I still thought it was fun. Quick nitpicky question: Is there some reason Walkure can’t just broadcast in a safer location deep inside the main ship? I know they said something about them having to physically be there, but I would think at that point an extra steel wall or two wouldn’t make a difference.


Streaming Missiles
Hey, we got actual missiles this time! In large quantities! The mecha battles in Delta have certainly been unique, with the Valkryies seeming to carry less conventional weaponry than we’ve seen in the past. They’re about half a step away from pulling out Gundam style beam sabers, which I’d really prefer did not happen. I’ve always felt the further you get away from present day weaponry the harder it is to convey The Horrors of War these types of stories want to rely on. Final note on the war front: what was so shocking about that purple crater on Windmere? Is there some significance we don’t know about yet or do they just really love their planet? Something to look for next week.

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