Macross Delta Episode 4


“A Shocking Debut Stage”

Sundays in Japan only because this will NEVER BE LICENSED

Walkure performs a pre-emptive concert to prevent a Vars outbreak. Things are going well enough for Freyja and Hayate in their performance debut, but it’s only a matter of time before the spectacle draws the attention of their mysterious enemy.

Jel’s thoughts

My brain is still trying to convince me not to like this show. It’s yelling at me for liking the super dumb idol fights, for putting up with how they encourage Hayate’s dangerously obnoxious attitude, and for shrugging off the exteme increase in SPACE MAGIC compared to previous series. Sorry brain, I’m still having fun, in fact this episode was probably the most fun since the first.


Love Triangle
Not too much happened on the romance front unless you want to read into meaningful glances, which I totally do! It only takes a couple of sad looks from Mirage to see they are making her jealous of Freyja’s effortless friendship with Hayate, and I’m going to ahead and project some inferiority complex compared to the cute and flashy idol girls. Don’t worry girl, this is how it has gone in the past, it’s all going according to plan…

Pop Music
I liked Walkure’s intro song as the token fun, light hearted number every Macross needs. It’s kind of in the same mold of “My Boyfriend’s a Pilot” or “Seikan Hikou”, except once again a bit more forgettable. I laughed at the rather shameless name drops of Freyja’s musical influences, but sure, why not? Time wise it would be like if someone gave her a mix tape with Billie Holiday, The Beatles, and Beyonce on it. Meanwhile Mikumo buys herself some time with the whole “amplifying each other’s energy” thing, but I’m still convinced she’s dead.


Streaming Missiles
I guess we did have some actual missiles this week but more importantly, the bad guys also have magic singing. EHHHH!?!? It certainly makes the idol battles even more ridiculous, but that’s probably for the best at this point. Might as well go all in. I’m not sure if it was revealed the Bad Guys are from Windmere before but it always seemed obvious to me. More interesting is the reveal of their short life spans, which significantly ups Freyja’s potential for a tragic ending. Maybe Mikumo really is safe?

4 thoughts on “Macross Delta Episode 4

  1. 2 outta the three points you make have people dying =D. I recommended this to some friends, but now I sort of regret it. Not because I don’t like it, but because…..beacuse. Anyhow can’t be much of an idol battle when the Windemereans have a sickly little thang…too bad. When is Mikumo gonna die already?

    • Yeahhh I’m having fun here but if this was not part of a 30 year old series I’ve been watching from the beginning I have to wonder if I would still be watching. I probably would, but I don’t see it being as good as the original series or even Frontier.

      As for Mikumo, I’m assuming this is going 24+ episodes so I give around episode 11-12 as sort of the dramatic Act II low point for our heroes. I am going to personally guarantee someone WILL DIE before this is over, even if it’s not her.

  2. I think Delta is better than Frontier because:
    1. Frejya better than Ranka after hearing her motivation and her lifespan
    2. Has actual VF-1 dogfight while Frontier does not have even 1 despite anniversary series
    3. More and better dogfight scene than Frontier and it still early of the series(Admit im little bias as I prefer dogfight than space battle which reason I like Macross plus than classic in most of the attributes)
    4. Delta feature full scale interstellar galactic war in this early in the series
    5.Mikumo mysterious origin

    Here my opinion, what do you think?

    • It does have more action so I can agree with you there. I am probably more interested in the characters, their relationships, and the music at this point though. It is way too early to tell anyway, we’ll have to see how the rest goes before we can say one is better than the other.

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