A Very GLORIO 2014: Marlin’s Labor of Love

Welcome to “A Very GLORIO 2014”, our look back at the best of the past year. We’ll be featuring a different post from each of our authors everyday leading up to our top 10 shows of the year. For today’s installment, Marlin brings back his Love Shack Emporium from last year including the much coveted Ero Kawaii Award.

Golden Time Episode 22 & 23

The breakup is official as Banri slips more and more away. 2D-kun tries to patch things up with the group, but Banri’s psychosis upsets plans once again. Seeing no hope, Banri submits to his fate.

Golden Time Episode 10

Banri gets a concussion that somehow also gives him a triple digit fever. Right. After being helped by Nana, he’s given to the care of Linda. His time out of amnesia has left lingering feelings, muddled by the sickness. Koko stops by later, clearly jealous, and stays behind to take care of him properly.

Golden Time Episode 9

Koko overhears a very unsettling conversation. Her reconciliation brings the ghost to remember a similar time with Linda. After brooding for a while, he finally gets what he’s always wanted.

Golden Time Episode 7

Recap: Koko is as crazy a girlfriend anyone would expect. After the world’s greatest trolling, she becomes worried at the strained relationship between Banri and Linda. With the help of everyone’s favorite punk rocker, the two finally talk things through.

Golden Time Episode 3

Recap: Surprise! The Totally Not Shady club turns out to be a religious cult. Banri tries to get his fellow captives out, but Koko sees through this and stays with him, forcing him to think fast for a way to get them both. Afterwards they have a heart to heart about Koko’s determination and Banri’s…

Golden Time: Episode 2

Banri starts to see what it’s really like to be at college while Koko’s dogged pursuit of Mitsuo and her upper-class style has made herself isolated from the rest of the school.