Golden Time Episode 10


Recap: Banri gets a concussion that somehow also gives him a triple digit fever. Right. After being helped by Nana, he’s given to the care of Linda. His time out of amnesia has left lingering feelings, muddled by the sickness. Koko stops by later, clearly jealous, and stays behind to take care of him properly.

I hope you’ll forgive me a momentary indulgence, but I feel I must express my utter frustration with how tired the trope of sudden onset fever is in anime. Sure, if they went straight and had him get help for his concussion? I would have totally believed that. Instead, we find out he randomly has a fever despite displaying no symptoms the night before. The idea that someone with a fever can also not control their body is equally stupid. Sure, 102 is a high fever, but that’s nothing to go to the hospital over. I suppose this comes from being the child of a nurse, but I know how to handle myself if I’m sick. I can administer my own fluids and take my own medicine, it’s not that hard. Since this episode was built off the idea that the Ghost had momentarily come back, I suppose this was the only way to quickly get Linda into a compromising position with Banri, but that didn’t stop it from feeling incredibly contrived.


My heart goes out to Koko again. She already has to have so many worries about Banri’s relationship with Linda, and now she finds her feeding him while he’s sick like they’re family. I don’t care how close you are to a girl, if you already have a girlfriend that just seems like too intimate a scenario to let happen. What’s so terribly ironic is that her actions can seem paranoid, and yet she has every right to be so. I hope Banri feels like as much of an asshole as I do. In the beginning I had worries that the problem would be between Koko and Mitsuo, but now we see Koko trying everything to make this relationship work while Banri flounders between what he already has and what he lost from his memories.


While they don’t outright say it, Golden Time does another pretty mature thing this week in the final scene. Even I had to think twice about the fact that they were literally using the beach as a metaphor for sex, that’s how uncommon it is in anime. It would definitely be a big topic to handle, and I’d like to see if Golden Time can give it the proper gravitas.

One thought on “Golden Time Episode 10

  1. Adventures of 2D-kun = 私がもてないどう考えても君が悪い

    Plus, based upon Bayesian statistics, I would say there shall be no sex on the beach next week.

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