Little Busters: Episode 8

This week Kud joins the Little Busters baseball team after showing off her athletic abilities while playing with her dogs. She is interrupted by another classmate informing her that Kud has packages waiting to be signed for. Riki and Masato help Kud bring her packages up to her room, and learn that she is still looking for a roommate.

Little Busters: Episode 7

Now that Komari’s story has ended we kick back into things with some silly antics from the Little Busters cast. Prankster Haruka who has been showing up in Riki’s class is up to her usual troublesome ways causing trouble for other, and also being hunted down by the disciplinary council.

Little Busters: Episode 6

This week Komari’s story comes to close as her sad back story is fully revealed. Whenever she sees someone or something die she remembers that her brother is gone, and breaks down. Komari is unable to face the truth head on so eventually she manages to find solace in forgetting that it ever happened.

Little Busters: Episode 5

Recap: It seems that Komari really did remember her brother after all. Rikki visits the old man in the hospital, and learns that Komari did have a brother, and that he died, but Komari believes the whole thing to be a dream.

Little Busters: Episode 4

Komari is sad, and a picture book helps reveal her worries. She believes she has a brother, but she can’t remember, and her mother won’t tell her anything. Kud also shows up this week, and acts cute while she fumbles about the English language.

First Impressions: Little Busters

A group of close friends decide to challenge the mediocrity of their mundane lives by playing baseball before one of them graduates, and is forced to leave the group behind to join the work force as a salary man .

Incoherent Babble Episode 7: Hostile Takeover

With Zigg disappeared to parts unknown, Irothtin takes the reigns of the show with his trademark bitterness and is joined by Jel, Lifesong and Timmy. Together they dig into the new anime season, discussing what we’re excited about, what we think will be a disaster, and what can go straight to hell.