Little Busters: Episode 8

Recap: This week Kud joins the Little Busters baseball team after showing off her athletic abilities while playing with her dogs. She is interrupted by another classmate informing her that Kud has packages waiting to be signed for. Riki and Masato help Kud bring her packages up to her room, and learn that she is still looking for a roommate.

Riki being the nice guy that he is follows Kud around talking to each of the girls on the Little Busters team in an attempt to find Kud a roommate. After being turned down by every girl Riki knew and one girl he didn’t Kud was ready to give up. Before the day ends, and all hope is completely lost Kanata Futaki shows up, and offers to take Kud in as a roommate.

I have this gut feeling this girl will have the saddest story.

Lifesong’s Thoughts: This was a solid episode, Kud is very cute. I kind of feel like the staff suddenly know what they are doing as these last two episodes have worked well to setup both Kud and Haruka. It would be jumping the gun to say that all the issues are fixed, but I can tell that JC are either trying harder after their failure with Komari, or maybe they just sacrificed Komari’s story to get it out of the way and planned this all along. Either way I can’t help feeling like this should have been episode two or maybe episode three, but I will take what I can get.

I think we have been introduced to the entire cast of the original visual novel at this point. I would like to see the story focus on the common route, but that might asking a lot. I assume we are diving full force into Haruka’s story soon. That said it looks like next episode will be giving us some back story on Muscle-Chan. I’ve begun to like his character a bit more, but that is largely from reading the visual novel. It might be nice to get some more depth out of him since he is such a focal character. Things are looking up for Little Busters. Let us hope that Haruka’s story will not be rushed like Komari’s was.

One thought on “Little Busters: Episode 8

  1. @lifesongsoa next episode will going to be about what we heard few episodes ago somthing called “the secret of the world” if you remember that from few episodes ago.about what you said in the review i think they wanted to sacrifice komari story and get it out of the way.about the girl with the umbrella episode 10 will be focused only on her

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