Little Busters: Episode 3

Recap: The week we gain a new member in the form of an athletic genius girl who is out looking for some fun.

Lifesong’s Thoughts: Not too much in the way of subtlety with this new girl. We are introduced to Kurugaya legs first, tits second, and everything else after her physical assets are well established. I will probably wind up liking this character, but all the still shots, and camera pans didn’t make for a very good first impression. I realize it was setup for a set of self aware gags playing off on the whole perfect girl has a bad personality shtick, but it was played so straight I may not have realized it as an attempt at humor if I didn’t know better. Again I am left wondering if it was funny in the visual novel?

The “fight” scene was pretty amusing. Imitation sword versus a pirate in a barrel toy? At least it wasn’t soap, and there were no achievement unlocked. Despite the incredibly arbitrary nature of these “fights” I always have a smile on my face by the time they end so I can’t say I hate them, but I miss the days of sticking a juice box in a girls nose or even the way Yuuichi picked on Ayu. In Kanon, Air, and Clannad all three anime have a fun male lead who honestly makes most of the comedic moments what they are. In Little Busters Riki is well.. boring. I am trying to keep an open mind, but he is not even part of the biggest gag routine. Muscle Chan is amusing enough I suppose, but the comedy in this episode left me wanting, and is starting to get a bit stale.

I feel like this shot sums up how this anime wants us to view Kurugaya perfectly.

I feel like this shot sums up how this anime wants us to view Kurugaya perfectly.

I can’t shake this feeling that this anime is not really bringing good things to the table. Jun Maeda’s storytelling is straightforward to the point where even it’s biggest detractors know the formula, and can cite it to troll fans easily and accurately. Now I am not critiquing Little Busters for this formula as it’s something I’ve enjoyed quite a bit in the past, but this animation just isn’t very exciting. Look at the ending to this weeks lunch fight which ends with some flashy moves by Kurugaya except not.. instead we get a few mostly static frames, and then some words during an expression shot. I’ve seen visual novels with more exciting effects than this animated fight.

Maybe J.C. Staff is saving their money for something awesome down the road, but this fight while fun was also kind of depressing. Why is this anime if all the animation is going to be sub par? I love Jun Maeda’s stories, but I’m not just going to lap this up because of it. Take a moment, and remind yourself how KyoAni handled Tomoyo’s introduction if you need convincing.

This would be a whole lot more fun to watch if it were animated instead of still shots.

This would be a whole lot more fun to watch if it were animated instead of still shots.

In closing, I feel like my write up kind of betrays my feelings about this episode, and the direction I feel like Little Busters is taking. I actually do enjoy it, just I also kind of have this nagging feeling that the visual novel probably did everything I am getting here and did it better. I’ll be picking up the visual novel pretty soon so I can get a better perspective on how well the anime is doing. Maybe some of you visual novel readers can tell me what you thought of this episode? Is my sense of humor just poor? Or is this adaptation just not all that funny this week?

5 thoughts on “Little Busters: Episode 3

  1. Kurugaya was/is my least favorite of all the girls in the VN. I dont like her personality all that much until she’s actually serious, which is only in her route. But even her route was pretty boring and not that depressing. They still followed the VN very well though so my only complaint is the end of the fight. Very unlikely, but considering how insane the preorders are, maybe they’ll reanimate the fight for the DVD/Blurays >.<. Also, Riki IS boring. I never really liked him but I dont hate him. He's no Tomoya though. Though, he does talk a lot more in the VN than he has in the anime so far, and usually does say some things that add to the comedy that the other characters bring. I don't think your sense of humor is poor, the gags in this part of the VN didnt make me laugh as much as most others, I just kinda laughed internally when Masato's weapon was chosen and that was it. Next week's preview showed Kudryavka and also an old man that's part of Komari's route, so it looks like they'll be getting into some of the serious stuff now.

    • Kurugaya is a character type I usually like, and I want to like this one, but this episode just didn’t do much for me in that regard. If she was an unpopular character then I can kind of see why they wouldn’t want to spend too much money on animating her here, but it’s still lame to see none the less.

      I’m glad to hear things might be a bit more serious next week. With the current pacing I’ve become a little worried we might spend 8 or 9 episodes like this without any real development as the cast is just slowly introduced one by one.

  2. Kurugaya’s one of my favorite girls in the VN and… they are introducing the characters, you can’t think that they are going to put all the… shocking things at the beggining, after the Little busters! are complete this is going to turn out pretty good, at least I hope so xD

    • I know better than to expect the drama up front, but I usually find the early bit’s of Jun Maeda’s anime adaptations a lot funnier than this. As for Riki I will try to keep an open mind. I don’t need him to be Yuuichi, but it’s easy to draw comparisons between Riki, and other Key protagonists.

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