Little Busters Episode 2

Recap: The search for members to form the “Little Busters” baseball team continues.

Lifesong’s Thoughts: Our second episode of Little Busters kicks things off pretty much exactly where the first episode ended off. We get to meet Komari the sweets loving goof who likes to hang out on the school roof. My first impression is that something is clearly wrong here, and there are a few subtle moments in the episode such as expressions of the faces of everyone but Riki when she makes her appearance. She is clearly the moest thing in Little Busters so far, but I suspect there is a reason for her hyper cheerful personality.

This second episode felt a lot more balanced to me. The jokes had plenty of time to sink in, and the atmosphere and direction are starting to develop. I assume the next few episodes will be filled with more humorous antics as the cast is filled out, but we are already seeing the first bits of drama develop as Riki explains about his Narcolepsy, and we see that Rin really can’t deal with other girls at all. Also, we got to see some sort of flash forward to future events as Riki, and Rin look at the notes from the cats. I’m not sure what is going on there, but for now I will just roll with it.

Moe levels are reaching critical mass.

Moe levels are reaching critical mass.

One joke in particular is already starting to wear on me; the joke where Muscle-Chan,(which he named himself this episode, and I will be calling him from now on.) and others earn titles is very gamey, and something that even someone such as myself who reads visual novels really wish would have been adapted better. I’m sure it’s funny in the visual novel, but the way they are doing it just feels lazy here.

I may not sound it but I am pretty hyped for Little Busters, and this second episode made me feel a lot better about J.C. Staff handling it. I still have my worries about J.C. being lazy with the gamey bits, but for now that is a minor concern. Hopefully next week we will meet some more of those characters from Riki’s flash forward moment.

Bravery! Friendship! Everything you could possibly need for baseball.?

Bravery! Friendship! Everything you could possibly need for baseball.

Iro’s Thoughts: I suppose the main idea here is to introduce all the heroines and have silly antics until the drama bomb hits, and I guess it’s doing a fair job of that. Seeing as how the anime is slated for 26 episodes, I just have a feeling I’m going to be incredibly tired of this show by the time anything actually happens – the events all still seem to lack a point other than “yo we want to play baseball for some reason??? find cute girls 4 baseball yo”.

2 thoughts on “Little Busters Episode 2

  1. The whole “title” thing definitely needs to be explained better. In the VN, it was actually a little fun mini-game Kyousuke came up with for who knows what reason, but it was fun and funny. Considering they haven’t explained it at all by this point, I dont think they ever will in the anime and will just leave it pretty awkward. I also totally understand Iro’s view -“yo we want to play baseball for some reason”, I just go with “these girls have no friends and are bored”.

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