The Wrap-Up: Summer 2013

If you go around doing a season preview, it is only obvious you also close off on a season review. In The Wrap-Up, all of our contributors get to shine a spotlight on the show they thought to be the very best of the past few weeks, as well as reflect back on the preview…

C3-Bu Episode 11

Recap: While Yura continues to go into a downward spiral, Sonora prepares to leave the C3 Club. The girls decide to have one last match to see her off.

Love Lab: Episodes 6, 7 and 8

And we are back with more Love Lab! These last few episodes have been pretty fun. The news paper association has found the girls out and while they might be in line to become friends of the student council, Sayori has been caught with her boyfriend with one of the teachers!

C3-Bu Episode 8

Recap: The C3 Club faces off against the other teams at the 24-hour tournament. Yura pushes the rest of the club to the edge, desperate to beat Rin and her mall ninjas.